Had enough of being the world's best kept secret?

It’s time for you to shine!

There's No Place In Business For Modesty And You Deserve To Be Recognised.

The Audacious Agency Helps Established Business Owners And Experienced Entrepreneurs Who Want To Stand Out And Be Well Known, Well Paid And Wanted, So You Can Be The Leader In Your Space, Attract The Right Clients, Become The Go-To Specialist And Turn Your Expertise Into Income.
And The Best Part Is You Stand Out And Shine.

what the audacious agency can do for you:

group coaching

Unique Monthly Coaching And Weekly Challenges So You Can Sustain Your Brand And Business

Personal Branding

Packaging Your Unique Skills, Talents And Expertise, Targeting The Right Clients And Defining Your Message...


Creating Your Brand Story, Bio And Editorial Calendar So You Can Self-Promote With Confidence...

Award Winning Authority

Selecting, Entering, Winning And Leveraging Awards To Be A Credible, Stand-Out Expert...

Best Selling Authority

Creating, Launching And Marketing Your Book As A Best Selling Authority In your Space...

Online Authority

Mapping Out And Improving Your Online Presence So You Can Be Googlicious...

Need to discuss whats going on in your business

and how we may be able to assist you to stand out as the leader in your space?

About us

International award-winning entrepreneurs Annette Densham & Lauren Clemett have over 50 years combined experience in brand management and journalism, working with leading agencies and media brands. Annette specialises in storytelling and publicity, Lauren is an expert in Neurobranding and personal branding.

We work with business owners and entrepreneurs who are sick of being the world's best-kept secret, helping you to promote yourself professionally so you can boldly stand out from the competition, charge what you are worth, and be the sought-after,  leader in your space.

Together our core skills create a seamless service from the refinement of your brand through to publicity, awards, book marketing and online authority, with marketing action plans that give you the confidence to expose your business in the right way, to the right people, with the right message.

Over 5000 Branded Messages A Day

In the 1970s, the human brain was exposed to around 500 branded messages. Today, it’s closer to 5,000 a day. No wonder it's hard to stand out from the crowd. There are so many channels to use, so much content and overwhelming noise.

You need to find a way to be unique, to appeal, resonate and engage.
 That’s why we created The Audacious Agency. We help you get 100% clear on what makes you different, how to explain why someone should choose you, to rocket launch your personal brand and business with credibility and authenticity that gets you seen and heard.

We are here to help you with personal branding and publicity, marketing and media through to becoming a best selling author and award winner.


Check What Our Clients Say About Us

Andrew Kavanagh Smart Choices Group

Focus And Direction

Thanks so much Lauren… I can’t believe how much focus and direction you’ve given me here. I’ve started the braindump and will continue it over the next few days/weekend.

Brett O'Connor Course Creator at Free Diploma

No BS, Just Stuff That Works

You guys rock! And give away so much wonderful advice to small Business owners. No BS, just stuff that works. Or, If it doesn't, you even have Q&A's so people can ask how to get it to work for them. You both obviously love what you do, and love sharing the rewards, and awards, too. Keep up the great work.

Tracey May Horton Author, Speaker, Coach

Easier And More Fun!

Lauren and Annette are the consummate professionals who deliver amazing services with support that I have not found anywhere else. They are kind hearted and when you work with these ladies you are never on your own and business just seems easier and more fun.

Janice Muir Visionary Mentor, I Believe I Achieve

A Powerhouse Of Wisdom

What a beautiful soul this lady is. Annette, is a powerhouse of wisdom and media knowledge. Truly loved working with Annette as she pushes you to dig deeper, whilst still holding integrity on where you want to go. A wizard with words, truly an amazing lady I am so grateful to have crossed her path and be guided by her media content

Stef Katz The Travel Superhero

Gifts From The Universe

Certain people are just gifts from the universe for us and Lauren Clemett and Annette Densham are two of them. I have learned more from these two women than anyone else I’ve run across digitally in the last two years! From the very primary clarification of my message all the way up to award winning and management, they have helped me increase my business more than fivefold. They’re the best in the business!

Sharon Davies Sales2Success

So Much Clarity

I have been amazed at what Lauren delivers in her speeches and presentation on branding and her knowledge is amazing. Reading Lauren's book on selling you and knowing your true north helps me so much in clarity for my business.

Anita Sonya High Performance Transformation coach

Guardian Angels

Who said that you need to have a big business first to work with Lauren Clemett and Annette Densham?
It's a crowded world out there and you need to stand out. Listening to the noises can not bring you to the top and you can get lost in the crowds.
These guardian angels in personal branding help you to be known based on your personality and market needs from the scratch how you can show up. They will guide you to be the best in your industry with simple steps you can take.

Zoe Buckley Learning Boosters

Above And Beyond

I love the way these ladies will go above and beyond. Since I've been working with them I have had my articles appear in many magazine. With great feedback. You girls rock.

Pat Armitstead Joyologist at Joyology

Love Your Work!

it's been a joy to partner with you on projects and witness what collaboration and co-creation can bring forth. Delighted to share the journey ...though ( tongue in cheek) , I confess to a little "alliance envy" when I see what you both evoke as partners! Love your work

Rebecca Elepano Sattwa Skincare

The Real Deal

Working with these ladies has been a game changer for my business (and the way I operate) My business has reached finalist status in both national & international awards. They live what they do & are passionate champions for small business & connecting your story with your audience. They are the real deal...and also bring great energy & fun to work with. I’m beyond thrilled with their work & have no hesitation in making this recommendation.

Ajay Amin Ezi Office Supplies

The Best Thing I Did For My Business

Working with Lauren Clemett was the best thing I did for my business. With the help of Lauren we created a new branding for the business and put us on the map within Gold Coast. Thank you Lauren for taking my business to next level. I would recommend Lauren any day.

Anna Crommelin Think, Love, Live

Front And Centre

Working with these ladies brought my little eco business Think Love Live front and centre with major media outlets across the gold coast and Brisbane. I was featured on ABC radio, channel 7 and 9 news thanks to their kick ass press release. I would recommend them any day!!!

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