July 24, 2020

Lauren Clemett

We are constantly being told to create content to support and broadcast our personal brand.

Trouble is, it’s one thing to create content, but a totally other task to actually get people reading it.

So how do you get your fantastic personal branding content out there, without taking you hours on social media?


Gary Vaynerchuk posts over 1000 pieces of content a day and he said “You can do so much for your brand, if you become a perfect practitioner at creating awesome content for the internet”.

(The irony that this very content you are reading is exactly what he is talking about!)

Gary however, owns his own digital marketing agency, so he has tons of resource at his disposal to create and curate his content.

Most small business owners and professional service providers write awesome blogs, post them to their website, and then maybe share it once to their social media page.

Then they then forget about it.

And their blog gets crickets. It become just more content on Google that no-one reads.

Is your blog page like a wild-west ghost town?

There's a really simple way to ensure more people see and read your content - after all, you spend valuable time creating it, so you need to also market and promote it...

It's called repurposing and there are some really simple steps and tools to help you get your blog content seen by more people.

And there are some steps and tools that can help you automate the process, so it doesn't take forever to share your content with an audience who really want to see it.

“You can do so much for your brand, if you become a perfect practitioner at creating awesome content for the internet” - Gary Vaynerchuk

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Do this to help your content be seen by more people, so you can rocket launch your personal brand:

  • Create some eye-catching images in Canva so when you share your content, it is engaging and stand out in the news feed,
  • Post the link to your own social media channels - Facebook, Instagram etc with a slightly different message in each so your blog promotion has variety. You can use Bit.ly to shorten your blog link to make it look better when you share it.
  • Post to FB groups (check the rules and post on days that the group allows). Make the post a tip or advice, include the reason why you think your article will help people, along with a link to 'read more'.
  • Post a shortened version of your blog to LinkedIn as an article, with a READ MORE at the end that links to your blog.
  • Update your article (by at least 20% to avoid duplicate content) to make it relevant to other channels, and post on content platforms such as MediumQuora or B2C
  • Create a video from your blog and post that to social media (yours and in groups). Video is the most engaging medium you can use, it's easy to quickly create one in Lumen5
  • Email your database with your blog, remember to check your blog headline to ensure it's going to captivate your readers and get your email opened. You can use a free tool called SubjectLine.
  • If you struggle to come up with headlines, here's a free title generation tool to help you - Awesome Titles
  • Schedule social media posts for your blog for the entire year with Missinglettr or Buffer. Remember this only works for articles that are not time-sensitive (i.e. the topic is valid for the entire year or you have written the blog to be 'evergreen' content)
  • Turn your blog into a press release and send to specific media who will be interested in the story - remember to follow up!
  • Contact blogs that your article would be valuable for and offer to guest blog. Remember to change the contents of the blog again so it is unique content - this should be easy to do if you've used the Ultimate Personal Branding Planner, because you'll have loads of content ideas for the theme you've chosen - i.e relevant topic story, celebrity birthday story, on this day story.
  • Remember the Weekly Rocket has loads of guest blogging and guest speaking opportunities, and sending a link to your blog to event managers, podcast hosts or blog admins can help you get booked - send them a message outlining your content, with a link, letting them know you are available to share the info if they would like it for their audience.
  • Finally, the content you post that gets lots of notice, would probably work great as an e-book, lead generator or ad campaign! So you can use your blog as a testing platform before you invest $ into your marketing.

  • The point of great content is to always give more than you promised.

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    Yes, I know, I said this was 10 top tips, and you’ve got a dozen, but that’s the point of great content, always give more!

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    Lauren Clemett

    Lauren is an International Award-Winning Personal Branding Specialist with over 30 years experience in brand management working within world-leading advertising agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy and Clemenger BBDO. A five-time bestselling author and International Award Winning Neurobranding expert, she uses her dyslexia disability as her greatest asset - helping entrepreneurs understand how the brain sees brands.

    She is also a keen sailor, golfer and vodka quality control expert.

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