Triple Threat 3-Peat Awards Package

Three times the opportunity to build your profile as an award winner!

Enter into three award programs to triple your chances of winning renowned and credible awards so you can boost your profile with the Audacious 3Peat Awards Package.

  • Local/Industry Awards
  • National Awards
  • International Awards

There are 7 reasons why The 3-Peat Package is Perfect:

  1. 1
    PERSONALISED - We help you select awards ideal for you, your business, brand or organisation, no matter how long you've been established, your size, gender, location or goals - we personalise the selection to you.
  2. 2
    SPECIFIC CATEGORIES - We explore the specific categories for each of the three awards programs to select those perfect for you to enter, based on your eligibility and the credibility you want to achieve.
  3. 3
    FOCUSED - We'll look at what awards are best suited to you, and include local, industry based, national and international opportunities for you to choose from.
  4. 4
    DONE FOR YOU - More than just an awards listing, this package includes everything, from the initial interview and gathering information from you, to awards entry writing, editing, support document, approvals and submission as well as all the leveraging tools, tips and content to help you stand out - regardless of the result!
  5. 5
    QUALITY LEVERAGE - Even if you don't win, we provide you with a workbook, checklists, resources and content to help you leverage your entire awards journey - making this massive value for longterm results.
  6. 6
    GALA EVENT -  We help you with your acceptance speech and tips to make the most of the networking opportunities at the gala events.
  7. 7
    MASSIVE CREDIBILITY - We only work with renowned awards with integrity and a rigorous judging process.

The Biggest Barrier Of Course Is Your Time!

With awards to choose and categories to select, then all the questions to answer and a support document to create, it’s not easy to find the time to enter 3 awards yourself, let alone working out how to leverage them to get the true benefits of the credibility awards can provide to boost your profile...

That's why The Audacious Agency is here to help you!

Here’s what’s included in our 3-Peat Package:

  • An in-depth 1:1 strategy session with our creative writer to choose the right awards programs and categories.
  • Interview to dig deep into your story to best answer the questions for each award in an engaging and standout way that captivates the judges
  • Writing, proofing and editing you entries to ensure it is what the judges are looking for, meeting word count restrictions and hammering home the key elements of your entries to make you stand out from the rest
  • Creating and updating your professional support document to underpin your entries and help show the judges what you do, what makes you different and why you should win.
  • Leveraging resources, including our award-winning workbook and podcast and guest blogging listings so you make the most of your awards journey to build your profile.
  • Assisting you with your acceptance speech so when you attend the gala event you confidently share the celebration of your brand, business, team or organisation. This is a big part of leveraging the awards and should be part of your marketing budget - its an ideal way to promote!
  • Social media content to help you share your awards journey (right from the outset, not just if you win)
  • Blog posts repurposed from each entry for you to post to become Googlicious plus a list of media outlets you can send articles to.

Our fee to do all of this for the main category is just $4500, with an option to add an additional category for $275.

Note: Entry fees are not included and may range form free to AUD$800 depending on the awards selected and how many categories you choose to enter. All fees will be outlined in your awards selection list that we provide for you to choose from.

Entered Previously?

If you have entered awards before and want us to review or rewrite your entry and update/create a support document we can offer you a discount - please just get in touch HERE.

There is no guarantee of a win, however our Audacious process helps you leverage your awards journey, no matter what the outcome.
Here are some of the client successes.