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The Audacious Agency, headed by Annette Densham and Lauren Clemett, has an exceptional team of talented storytellers and creative writers with super powers to craft award winning entries and media articles with the kind of service purpose built to suit businesses who have established themselves and are ready to take things to the next level.

They've tapped into decades of experience in personal branding and profile building to develop an award-winning process, helping you enter, win and leverage awards to stand out and be seen and noticed. This is the ideal agency for thought leaders, change makers, business owners and entrepreneurs who provide innovative and amazing services or solutions, who want to stand out from the competition and get the respect they deserve.

The Audacious Agency has won an unparalleled number of 6 Grand Awards (the #1 Award) for helping the most entries win awards at the internationally recognised Stevie Awards (the 'oscars' of business), the Telstra Best Of Business Award (QLD) for Accelerating Women and an Australian Small Business Champion Award for copywriting services. They've helped submit over 1500 award entries and are constantly featured in a range of publications, webTV shows, summits and podcasts, sharing their experience as awards specialists, judges and profile building experts to help others shine.

Led by the co-founders who are World PR Award winners, International Entrepreneur Of The Year winners, multiple International Business Award Winners and best selling authors, The Audacious Agency boldly goes where others fear to tread, basking in the glory of their incredibly successful clients.

Helping Others Shine

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Annette Densham

Creative Director

From her first foray into the world of journalism at 15, Annette Densham was hooked on sharing other people’s stories. A weaver of words and a hoarder of knowledge, Annette has written copy for websites, speeches, marketing and presentations and topics from forklifts to tax, to theatre lights and sport, to senior issues and health … she knows what makes news intriguing and interesting. 

With a 30 plus year career in newspapers – The Australian, Financial Review, and Daily Telegraph, magazines (print and digital) and corporate communications, this ex journo now uses her skills to teach small business people how to use their stories to connect with the world and build influential brands.

Annettes work to create award winning entries and leverage them with media and publicity has been recognised with national and international business and PR awards. She believes everyone can use their award story to connect with the media and beyond and she’s proved this by helping her clients secure $millions in free advertising through mainstream media. 

Annette is also a stand-up comedian, and as an author, trainer, mentor and speaker, she weaves her story magic everywhere.

Lauren Clemett

Managing Director

At 8 years old, Lauren was told she had ‘word blindness’ and would never be able to read or write properly.  She went on to become a five time best selling author and Stevie award winning neurobranding expert, having worked within world leading advertising agencies as a brand manager, using her dyslexia disability as her greatest asset - to understand how the brain sees brands.

She has over 25 years in the marketing communications arena; within world leading advertising agencies Saatchi & Saatchi, Clemenger BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather and Grey Worldwide, owning her own agency, Evergreen, focusing on baby boomer marketing and was brand manager for AXA, delivering the International Rugby World Sevens Tournament.

She has helped hundreds of clients to clarify their brand message, identify their ideal client and hone the entire profile building purpose behind entering awards, with strategies and plans to leverage awards and become the stand out leader you want to be.

Lauren is also a vodka quality control expert, keen sailer, sports fan and can speak underwater with a loaf of bread in her mouth.

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