Overwhelmed and not sure what to do to market or promote your business?

Today the world is totally Crazy and challenging for business. 

often we end up going in circles, not quite sure what to do...so we stop entirely.

The Last Thing You Need To Do Is Slow Down, Stop And Disappear, because Those who remain consistent, newsworthy and heard, are the businesses who will survive and thrive in the long term.

If you are sick of being the worlds best kept secret, tired of not knowing what to do, or wasting more time and moeny on marketing that doesn't work...

Now is the time to take audacious action and shine!

GET STARTED so you can Be A Stand Out Success

Annette Densham and Lauren Clemett are international award-winning experts with over 60 years combined experience in branding, marketing, journalism and publicity. 

They have been through major disasters, economic downturns and global recessions before and they know what great brands do to stay relevant and successful.

They know it is not a sprint, it is a marathon, but if you don't have a clear strategy and a plan, it's going to get really tough, and it could get very expensive if you waste money on the wrong things.

That's why, in this unique coaching program, they combine their expertise to give you consistent, accountable and tangible advice and action steps, with weekly challenges and guru tips and tools to help you survive and thrive, for just $97 per month*.

The Audacious Action monthly coaching includes:

  • 2 x 60 Minute coaching sessions (held fortnightly) answering your questions so you can go through what you can be doing right now to build your brand, including advice on positioning yourself as the expert, becoming an author, award winner, go-to expert in the media, improving your online presence, lead generation and attracting the right clients, Plan Your Activity And Get Advice On Where And How You Can Share Your Expertise As A Speaker Or Guest Blogger In The Month Ahead.
  • Weekly Challenges - Tangible, quick, simple and easy steps you can take each week to build your brand and stand out. These include personal branding, self promotion and publicity tips, tools and activities to complete. Be accountable, take action and get some momentum by taking small incremental steps to raise your profile.
  • Expert tips, advice and introductions we can make for you to connect with gurus, media, influencers and potential Collaborators and of course, our positive support and guidance throughout the program.
  • Access to the brandworking library of expert interviews so you can get expert help on almost anything to do with marketing your business, from CRM to Facebook, how to get speaking gigs to linkedIn marketing, setting up online income and creating content to get more eyeballs on your website or offer.

The #1 thing I got from the program was inspiration and therefore the ability to succeed from the abundance of amazing and helpful strategies. I've now learned Ideas on how to improve my image and presence on social media platforms, to market myself organically and to increase brand recognition. I'd advise anyone definitely do it and use as much of the amazing resources as you can.

Lee-Ann Nordin

Pawever Pals

I now understand the process of branding, marketing to your strengths and how to tell your story and don't hold back because people want to hear about it. These experts explain how. Anyone doing the coaching will have a total understanding of what it takes to brand and marketing, all the tips and tricks for your business in writing and gives you confidence to do it.

Sharon Davies


I decided to join this program because Annette and Lauren are inspiring and I needed a kick! The best thing I learned was that personal and business branding is an ever-evolving beast that needs special care. I now have a better understanding of social media tools and approaches. I certainly wasn't disappointed

Lisa Nardone

Grants Plus

Get into the Audacious Action Monthly coaching now for just $97


  • Personal branding, Target Avatar, Self Promotion
  • Media Opportunities, Interviews and Publicity
  • Social Media, Online Presence, Live-Streaming
  • Book Development, marketing and launching
  • Entering, winning and leveraging awards
  • Creating your marketing platform, Creating Programs/Courses
  • Sales funnels, Lead Generation, Email Marketing
  • Content Creation, Blogging, Podcast Interviews, Guest Blogging
  • Speaker Kits, getting Speaking Gigs
  • Tools, resources and programs we use that work

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