Become A Bold, Brave and Audacious Author!

You've created an awesome book, now is the time to make sure it gets seen and noticed and you get recognised as the credible author you are! It's time to enter, win and leverage book awards to build your profile and stand out from the competition with the profile your book deserves!

This exclusive Author Awards process will give you the edge over other authors and attract attention by consistently surrounding your ideal audience and leaving those delectable breadcrumbs for them to follow.

This is about strategically showing up and becoming Googlicious as an award winning author, leader and respected personal brand that people can trust. You will be able to leverage everything we achieve together to help generate book sales and attract speaking opportunities as the go-to author in your space.

Some of The Awards our clients have secured: 

Author Award Package

Here's what's included in the Audacious Author Profile Building Service:

Author Award Plan

In-depth 1:1 interview to uncover your author story and identify the best categories to enter, culminating in a strategic plan to enter, win and leverage book awards over 6 months.

Awards Submission

Submitting entries with precise facts and specific information, uploading all the necessary book images, content and data and providing directions if physical books are required.

Support Document

Supporting every claim made in your entry, and adding more visual proof to support your entry as required - not all awards ask for this, but some do and this is where you can shine!

Marketing Plan

Ensuring you are consistently creating content sharing your story, insight, thought-leadership and awards journey with monthly themes so you can repurpose your awards to get even more eyeballs on your profile.


Along with a list of author podcasts looking for guests, we also provide links to specific podcasts based on your niche that are ideal to guest on, so you can reach an even wider audience and get you and your book noticed!


Repurposing your book content into blog posts and social media, seeking reviews and providing resources you can use to market and promote your book throughout. Creating graphics for you to share with backlinks.

Our Guarantee To You

We do not guarantee an awards win, however, our process has a 97% success rate at getting through to finalist stage. We guarantee to provide you with everything you need to enter win and leverage the awards regardless of the outcome. We only work with reputable awards and credible media channels that you can be proud to be associated with. Entry fees and costs to provide physical books if required are not included in our service fees.

The Biggest Barrier Of Course Is Your Time!

Finding the best book award programs, selecting the right categories, uploading all the information, answering the questions required and creating a support document, then navigating multiple awards submission processes and keeping track of everything... can be extremely time consuming and stressful, especially if you've never done it before. And 80% of award winners don't fully leverage their awards journey either!

That's why The Audacious Agency is here to help you!

Here’s what’s included in our service to help you enter Multiple Book Awards:

  • An in-depth 1:1 strategy session and a plan created to select the right awards programs and categories.
  • Gathering the information about you and your book, your author and publication details, as well as the insight to understand how to make you stand out from other entrants and applying that to improve all of your entries over time.
  • Writing, proofing and editing your entries to ensure they engage the judges, meeting word count restrictions and hammering home the key elements of what makes you an award winning author.
  • Creating your professional support document to underpin your entry and help the judges see what makes your book different and why you should win, and keeping this document updated as you win!
  • Book marketing resources including the Audacious Book Marketing Planner and "The Modern Author" by Rodney Miles, who has helped ghost write and publish hundreds of books for authors around the globe
  • Leveraging resources for the book awards, even if you don't win! Including our award-winning workbook, podcast guest listing - targeting author podcasts to appear on.
  • Assisting you with social media content and images, helping you make an impact as an author and thought-leader so you become Googlicious!

Entered Previously or want to enter more categories?

If you have entered some book awards already and want us to review or rewrite your entry and update/create a support document we can offer you a discount - please just get in touch HERE.

There is no guarantee of a win, however our Audacious process with all of our packages, helps you leverage your awards journey, no matter what the outcome.

Resources Included in your package:

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success stories from those who have been audacious:

“I’m getting approached to speak at conferences, lots of publicity opportunities and my business has grown by almost 130% since engaging in the profile building process."

Sonia Gibson

Accounting Heart

“Since we won awards we have had the industry body approach us to help them work on their diversity. You definitely create opportunities by winning awards, so don't hold back”

helen yost


“It's has reduced our sales cycle, with credibility and evidence that we are making a big impact. It's confirmation that we are on the right path and inspires me to do even more.”

Stacey Ashley


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