Everything you need to know in one workbook, about entering, winning and Leveraging awards so you can stand out from the competition!

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what would it feel like to Be an Award Winner?

Entering awards is so much more than winning one, although it is really cool to be on stage, live or online, accepting your award!

It is about building your authority, standing out and celebrating your accomplishments.

They are the ideal leverage tool if you want to build your brand and business profile and a huge differentiator from others in your space.

This complete workbook gives you the insight from international award winners and award judges, with a proven process to follow, to make it easy for you to get it right and put your best foot forward.

Alongside the insights and information you get checklists to ensure you have everything ready, with far less stress, AND you know your entry engages and captivates the judges plus you get access to recordings of the award winning training with The Audacious Agency to help you leverage your entry - even if you don't win!

Here’s what the Workbook will help you do:

  • Start by setting clear goals on what you want to achieve as an award winner, what it will mean to you, your business and your team.
  • Discover what to look for when finding awards and categories to enter, so you have the best chance of winning and the award makes the most sense to your brand and your customers.
  • Create and craft your entry and a professional support document. We give you all the insight as award judges, knowing what they look for and what to include (and what to leave out!).
  • You are a winner! You need to deliver a stand out acceptance speech that really nails it and confirms your credibility.
  • Now it's time to leverage your award, sharing your awards journey in articles, stories, the media, social channels and in your marketing, with grace and professionalism - now is not the time to brag, but it is the time to be proud of your achievements.
  • PLUS you get access to recorded training sessions to help you get the most from your awards!

The Award Winning Workbook

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“Since we won awards we have had the industry body approach us to help them work on their diversity. You definitely create opportunities by winning awards, so don't hold back”

Helen Paddon

Tradettes Plumbing

“It’s not about winning awards, and it doesn’t matter if you are a nominee or a finalist, it puts you up above someone else who didn’t even bother to enter”

Trish Springsteen

Trichel Coaching

“Great ideas, even for franchisers and especially good for business needing to boost their brand identity. Very easy to understand and great guidance on becoming a respected service provider.”


Travel Councillor

“Entering awards helps you evaluate your business, your processes and who you are, and share that with the world!”

Belinda Dolan

Clariti Group

“This is really useful for anyone in business who wants to promote themselves and grow a reputation as a leader.”


Astral Pools

“This is a great foundation on how to set yourself up as a stand out leader in your industry.”


Life Purpose Coach

Who does this workbook help?

  • Businesses who are new to awards and want to learn how to enter, win and leverage them to boost their profile and add credibility to their brand.
  • Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Changemakers and Business owners who want to stand out from the crowd and create a strong brand as an award winner.
  • Award winners who haven't leveraged their win and need to make the most of every opportunity to stand out and get seen and noticed.
  • Businesses who have amazing services or products and want to be known as the #1 in their industry, with evidence of their competence and quality.
  • Leaders who want to build a profile as the expert, create more impact with proven credentials so they can attract the right clients.

About Audacious

Lauren Clemett

Awards, Branding & Marketing

International award winning best-selling author and leading personal branding specialist, with an award-winning program created from her best-selling series “Selling You”.

The Award Winning Workbook

Download or order a hard copy

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