Awards Packages

Build Your Profile And Surround Your Audience!

Time to start leveraging awards to get seen and noticed as the leader in your space.

The Audacious awards packages are ideal for entrepreneurs, change-makers, thought-leaders, business owners, authors and experts in their industry or those making an impact with their innovation or approach, to enter multiple awards programs to build a credible reputation that leads ideal prospects and opportunities to your door.

Audacious Award Packages:

  • More than just awards writing, we dig deep into your story to select exactly the right awards programs and categories, then creating engaging, compelling entries that we know judges will connect with so you stand out from the competition and shine.
  • We also create a professional support document (where applicable for the award) making it easy for judges to see evidence that supports your entry and keep this document updated for you.
  • After you've approved your entries, we submit them for you, removing any stress or difficulty dealing with all the different awards platforms and deadlines. 
  • Each time we submit another award, we provide you with all the leveraging resources to help you make the most of your award journey, levelling up your profile regardless of the outcome! 
3-PEat package

Get started with entry into 3 renowned and respected award programs where we help you select the best category and show you how to leverage three awards over 3-5 months.

Awards to choose from include local, national and international programs across multiple categories selected based on your profile building goals.

Award programs available for organisations of all shapes and sizes from solopreneur/start-up to established.

Entry fees are not included and there may be a requirement for financials or specific information about your business required depending on your award selection

Ideal to begin your journey into leveraging multiple awards to build your profile, even as a finalist, with collateral, logos and award winning resources supplied.

5-peat package

Ready to win across multiple credible award programs?
We'll help you enter 5 including selecting the best categories, with new and repurposed content to leverage your awards journey over 6-8 months.

We'll discuss your goals and what you want to be known for to help you choose the best local, industry, national or international awards to enter. Then we'll look deeply at the categories that make the most sense and give you the best chances of success.

We'll interview you and write all your entries and create a support document, so all you do is pay any entry fees

We'll also keep your support document up to date and help you level up your profile building to be seen as a leading brand, business or organisation.

author AWARDS

Written a book and want to elevate your brand, build awareness of your book(s), increase opportunities to speak and sell more books?
Add credibility to your expertise and authority with this package specially created for authors!

We'll help you select multiple book award programs across multiple categories selected based on your authorship profile and goals.

Entry fees are not included and eligibility criteria may apply dependant on publishing dates.

Time to set you apart from other authors and give readers even more confidence in your content and speaker bookers even more reason to have you speak at their events. 

The Biggest Barrier Of Course Is Your Time!

With multiple award platforms, different deadlines and questions to answer and a support document to create, then navigating multiple awards submission processes and keep track of everything... it can be extremely time consuming and stressful, especially if you've never done it before. And 80% of award winners don't fully leverage their awards journey either!

That's why The Audacious Agency is here to help you!

Here’s what’s included in our service to help you enter Multiple Awards:

  • An in-depth 1:1 interview with our creative writer, including discussing the best awards programs available and choosing the right categories
  • Gathering the information and insight from you to understand how to best answer the questions in each entry, in an engaging and standout way that captivates the judges, then applying that to improve all of your entries over time.
  • Writing, proofing and editing your entries to ensure they provide what the judges are looking for, meeting word count restrictions and hammering home the key elements of each entry to make you stand out from the rest.
  • Creating your professional support document to underpin your entry and help show the judges what you do, what makes you different and why you should win, and keeping this document updated as you win!
  • Providing you with resources to leverage the awards, even if you don't win including our award-winning workbook, showing you how to repurpose your entry into blogs and providing you with ideas for social media content and all the award resources each program offers.
  • Assisting you with your acceptance speech and what to do when attending the gala event to share the celebration of your business, team or impact you are making, regardless of whether you win or not and making sure you leverage your awards journey.

Entered Previously or want to enter more categories?

If you have entered some awards already and want us to review or rewrite your entry and update/create a support document we can offer you a discount. Additionally if you want to enter more categories than are available on the shopping cart, go ahead and purchase what's available and let us know what other categories you'd like to enter and we'll create a special fee for you - please just get in touch HERE.

There is no guarantee of a win, however our Audacious process with all of our packages, helps you leverage your awards journey, no matter what the outcome.

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