How to enter, win and leverage awards (even if you don't win!)

So you're thinking of entering awards, or you've entered awards and now you're a nominee, finalist or winner and you have no idea how to make the most of it?

This is the ultimate guide to all things audacious about awards!

Including professional award writers insights to checklists and examples, this award winning workbook can help you make the most of your entire awards journey.

  • How To Find The Right Awards And Categories To Enter
  • How To Create A Captivating Entry That Makes You Stand Out
  • How To Design A Professional Support Document
  • How To Leverage Your Award (Even Before You Win)
  • How To Craft An Engaging Acceptance Speech
  • How To Plan Your Marketing To Elevate Your Award Journey.
Awards Workbook

So you’ve won an award, congratulations, now you need to leverage it using this workbook:

  • Your acceptance Speech
  • Leveraging your award
  • Planning your marketing as an award winner
  • Award leverage checklist

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Annette & Lauren, co-founders of the Audacious Agency, have poured their decades of experience in helping leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers to build outstanding profiles into this workbook And it's all here for you to use to be bold, brave and audacious!