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Being the best-selling author of a business book provides evidence that you and a leading expert with valuable expertise to share and helps you create a platform to launch your personal brand, business and raise your profile.

Trouble is, there are so many books already out there, how do you create a book that captures your story AND stands out from the rest? Where will you find the time to get everything done? And what happens once the book is done? How do you stand out as a best selling authority in your space?

Sadly, most authors only sell a few copies (to Mum and your closest friends) because most invest all their time and effort in creating the book, and they don't know how to market, promote or leverage it.

Then no-one knows about it, no one orders books and no-one reads them. They gather dust on the shelf.

Trouble is, most authors don't have access to a proven process that covers everything including creating, editing, publishing, launching, marketing and leveraging it. Until now...

The Best Selling Authority Program ensures you have an entire strategy from start to end, including the purpose of your business book, creating it and then marketing it, so you have everything you need to not only create, but also launch and leverage a best selling book for business.

With three levels, the program works for any stage of an author's development - new authors who haven't started writing yet, those who have written the contents but haven't yet published and authors who have already published but their books are languishing on the shelf (or in the box!).

The Best Selling Authority Program Levels

Content Creator

You've written your book, now you need to publish and market it.



Published Author

You've published your book and need to market and leverage it.



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Why Work With Us?

Not only have we authored best sellers ourselves and won awards for our books, we also partner with editors, publishers and ghost writers, working together to ensure your personal brand, book, marketing, publicity, launch and promotion is consistent and delivers long term impact to your business.

The best part is, our unique program works for a range of authors:

  • those who need someone to help create and launch their book, 
  • those who have the content written but need help publishing and launching their book and,
  • those with a published book who need to create sustainable marketing and publicity to leverage it better.

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luke amery

The story is true people would say to me. Luke you should write a book! You have such an amazing
story. But my thoughts were who on earth wants to read my story. Once I woke up to the fact
people were planting suggestions in my little brain I woke up.
Let’s go back to mid 2016. I had just been through one of the most challenging moments of my life.
“Overcoming Brain Cancer”the survival rate can be challenging.
Since getting back on my feet, life was starting to look up. The smell of fresh coffee was in the air,
the little things just meant so much more to me now. Then my good friend Lauren Clement
suggested to something I never thought possible.
Luke I think you need to write a book! What me really! Yes! You have been through one of the
most challenging moments in your lifetime. You need to share your story with the world. The
suggestion shocked me a little. To be honest me becoming an author never come to mind.
If becoming an author chills you to the bone. Don’t worry worry I thought the same thing. But to
be honest, once I believed in myself that my story had an impact I moved forward with an open
mind for the new journey ahead.
Since writing my book, life has not been the same. I have appeared on TV, many national,
international podcast. But the most defining moment of all was learning how to share my story and
seeing the impact it has with my audience.
If I can jump outside my comfort zone and write a book so can you! Go ahead and believe in
yourself have that courageous conversation today with Lauren and the team. You’ll be grateful you
took your first step forward.
Be awesome, much gratitude
Luke Amery
Owner Ganbaru Mindset, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Sensei & Brain Cancer Survivor.

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