Case Study – Goro Gupta

Goro Gupta: Visionary in ethical property investments, transforming lives through innovative housing solutions. Goro empowers communities with safe housing and socially-conscious investment opportunities. Focused on at-risk groups like senior women and people with disabilities, Goro's #DoGoodMakeMoney motto drives positive societal impact revolutionising real estate while inspiring change.

There’s a real housing crisis in Australia and it's almost impossible for victims of domestic violence and people with disabilities to find homes. Goro Gupta has an innovative win-win solution, delivering an investment opportunity while bringing relief and boosting the economy. It's no pipe dream, it's already delivering results, but in order to create a bigger imapct, Goro knows he needs to spread the word far and wide.

Here's how Goro is building his profiles by leveraging his wins:

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