Case Study – STEM Punks

Fiona & Michael Holmstrom of STEM Punks, are championing the future of women and work in STEM, starting with schools and educational programs to encourage girls to participate and enjoy maths, IT, Technology and Science. The many award and media wins have helped STEM Punks with are growing the brand awareness and spreading the word about their important work.

Here is their story:

The success we have achieved in growing our brand profile all comes down to having the right strategy and the best team in place to take our message to the world.

The Audacious Agency have been pivotal as partners in this.

To now have a multi-award winning program that has been catapulted to national and even international attention, with media coverage that amplifies our brand, has opened so many doors for us.

The awards have enabled us to own vital space on social media and to stand out from our competitors as the leaders in the STEM teaching and training sector, respected for what we do best and known as the STEM educators.

The Audacious Agency not only assisted us in entering and winning awards, but also leveraging our awards journey with media coverage that adds valuable credibility to our offering. We now have a reputation in the marketplace that shines a light on what we do.

To have a team who believe in what we are achieving and assist us in building success has been astounding and we look forward to an ongoing partnership with them.

Fiona Holmstrom


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