Personal Branding

Maximum Velocity

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Welcome to the Maximum Velocity Personal Brand Development Program

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12 Lessons

Maximum Velocity

Personal branding guided training with Award Winning Neurobrander Lauren Clemett


Welcome to Maximum Velocity - 10 expertly guided steps to launching your Personal Brand

Session 1: 3R’s

What you want to be respected and recognised for?

Session 2: Single Minded Purpose

Pull together all of your natural skills and talents into one, stand-out personal brand

Session 3: Brand Personality

Ensuring your brand message, marketing and promotional activities remain consistent.

Session 3: Market Positioning

The secret to becoming an instantly recognised brand

Session 4: Target Avatar

Define and decide on one target avatar.

Session 4: Cascade Of Influence

How to reach your target avatar without costing you a fortune or taking all your time.

Session 5: Core Message

Clearly explain what you do and why someone should choose you.

Session 5: Brand Strategy

Creating a common and consistent emotional brand message to communicate what your brand does and why your ideal prospect should choose you.