Enter the Australian Small Business Champion Awards

Stand Out And Be Known As The Leader In Your Space

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards celebrate Australian men and women who are entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, change makers and experts in their industries, to elevate their personal brands and get seen and noticed.

Australian Small Business Champion Award Programs:

There are 7 reasons why we love these awards:

  1. 1
    SME FOCUSED - these are specifically for small businesses to enter so you won't be up against massive corporations it's a level playing field
  2. 2
    NATIONWIDE - Enter from all over Australia with no state-based requirements and the opportunity to win a national award
  3. 3
    NO FINANCIALS - Yes you do have to express your achievements, but you don’t have to have a massive turnover or multi-million dollar profit to enter or win
  4. 4
    NO ENTRY FEE - That's a no-brainer to enter in our books and a massive benefit to you - so go on and enter!
  5. 5
    SPECIFIC CATEGORIES - You'll be up against others in your industry, so it's a real comparison with a fair judging process
  6. 6
    QUALITY LEVERAGE - Even as a finalist you get amazing collateral to elevate your business including logos, posters, stickers, online coverage etc.
  7. 7
    GALA EVENT - The red carpet photos alone as well as the networking opportunities at the magnificent party are totally worth it (there is a fee to attend).

The Biggest Barrier Of Course Is Your Time!

With 10 questions to answer and a support document to create, it is not an easy entry, however there are some tricks and tips that make it easier.

That's why The Audacious Agency is here to help you!

Here’s what’s included in our service to help you enter any of the ASBC programs:

  • An in-depth 1:1 interview with our creative writer, including discussing and choosing the right category(s)
  • Gathering the information and insight from you to understand how to best answer the 10 questions in an engaging and standout way that captivates the judges
  • Writing, proofing and editing you entry to ensure it is what the judges are looking for, meeting word count restrictions and hammering home the key elements of your entry to make you stand out from the rest
  • Creating your professional support document to underpin your entry and help show the judges what you do, what makes you different and why you should win
  • Providing you with resources to leverage the awards, even if you don't win including our award-winning workbook plus how to repurpose your entry into blogs and social media content
  • Assisting you with your acceptance speech and attending the gala event with you to share the celebration of your business - your team are also welcome to attend, there is a cost for tickets and of course your accom/flights as needed but only winners who attend can go to the stage to get their trophy and give a speech
  • You get professional photos on the red carpet, entertainment, endless beverages, dinner and video of you accepting your award if you win - but we encourage you to record your acceptance speech on the red carpet anyway to thank those who supported you.

Our fee to do all of this for the main category is just $2997, with an option to add a special category for an additional $797.

Note: You can only enter one main category for these awards then, you can also choose to enter a special category which has an additional 10 questions.

Entered Previously?

If you have entered these awards before and want us to review and rewrite your entry and update/create a support document we can offer you a discount - please just get in touch HERE.

There is no guarantee of a win, however our Audacious process helps you leverage your awards journey, no matter what the outcome.
Here are some of the client successes.