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Your full guide to blogging including templates and idea generators plus a listing with over 20 categories and thousands of sites to choose from, with contributor application links to help you create content that engages and resonates:

  • Get far more eyeballs on your great content
  • No more hunting for guest blogging or online media sites to contribute to
  • Repurpose and share on 3rd party websites as the expert
  • Increase your brand awareness, crredibility and profile
  • Improve traffic to your website

Over 1000 content sites for you to publish to, from over 20 different categories so there is something for everyone in this listing and, If you can't find one listing that suits you, we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

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Your Entire Guide

Here’s what the Blogging guide will help with:

  • Start by creating blogs that resonate and get attention with templates and content generators for endless blog creation for every organisation, business or brand.
  • Find the categories best suited to you in the guest blogger listing. There are 20 to choose from including travel to entrepreneurship, wellness, education, tech, pets...and more...
  • Then select the blog link listed, to check out the types of articles and content they share so you can find the right websites for you to share content with.
  • Click the application link in the listing and send through your content ideas, bio, headshot, links and contact information (each site is different and you may need to set this up on their contribnutor page or email it to them, just follow their directions).
  • When your application is successful, start sending through content for them to share on their site.
  • When your content is posted on the 3rd party website, get the link and promote it on your social media, and from your website to add credibility as a published expert!
  • TIP: Add the blog logo to your about page or media kit to endorse you as a contributor.

This extensive Blogging Guidebook helps you create and structure your own blogs, using formulas that make your content stand out from the rest and totally engage your ideal clients.

Then spread the word far and wide using the guest blogger listing included in the guidebook.

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Full Guide And Thousands Of Blog Sites For Just $97