July 30, 2020

Annette Densham

Event planning is job unto itself. Organising venues, guest lists, seating food, and the most important task – promoting the event.


This should be your primary focus – getting bottoms on seats. Because what is the point in holding the event if you do not tell anyone it is on?

If you are on a limited budget, marketing an event may be challenging EXCEPT if you know how to get publicity.

So … how to go about it?

Here are three ways to do it.

Step 1: Flick the media release

What? Did I just say that? Me … a PR genie? If you are new to the promoting game and have never written a media release, you may do what so many do and write it as a sales marketing piece. And journalists are not in the business of marketing your business. Chances are you will get a response letting you know your releases has been sent to the advertising department. Or … you may write too much, turning it into war and peace … a great way to get your release deleted.

I suggest to people to try using my media release hack … otherwise known as an email. 

Step 2: Social media

Many groups now allow you to list your event on their page or have special days to promote events using the hashtag #events. Over time, I have collated a list of Facebook groups in a spreadsheet featuring what days each group allows certain posts.

HINT – no one likes being sold to. Use stories to engage with people and if you have a long enough lead time, start building relationships and your profile in the group early so you do not seem like a ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ promoter (all you are there for is to push your event). People do business with people so let them get to know you. 

Step 3: Free event sites

If are running your event through Eventbrite or Try Booking, they have a list of sites you can promote your event for free through. Many local councils also have a place for you to upload your event – allowing you to spread your message further. MeetUp is also another great place to promote events through … and at 15 bucks a month, it should not break the bank.

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Annette Densham

Annette Densham is an international award-winning publicity expert with a 30 plus year career in newspapers – The Australian, Financial Review, and Daily Telegraph, magazines (print and digital) and corporate communications. She uses her expertise to teach small business people how to use their stories to connect with the world and build influential brands.

Annette is also a stand-up comedian, and as an author, trainer, mentor and speaker, she weaves her story magic everywhere.

annette densham

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