personal branding

Purpose, Authenticity and Impact

Personal Branding is the process of creating a specific image of yourself in the mind of your ideal client, so they can get to know, like and trust you, before they buy from you. Having a clearly defined personal brand, makes it easy to explain what you do and why they should choose you.

In the same way big brands create instant recognition, making it say for us to choose their products, your personal brand makes you stand out from a crowd of competitors.

Standing out is vital because selling your expertise is like selling thin air.

Much as creating confidence that you can deliver on your promises is important, personal branding goes far deeper than just choosing a trustworthy brand name, it's about how you want to make people feel.

Because the human brain makes decisions based on memory and emotion and a confused mind will never buy.

By packaging together all of your natural skills and talents, with a consistent message, familiar brand voice and instantly recognised style, it so much easier to promote your services in a way that makes sense to your target audience.

Just like Richard Branson and Virgin, Steve Jobs and Apple, your personal brand flows over into your business brand, including the brand identity you choose, colours and imagery you use and the content you create to instantly connect with your ideal client.

It creates your brand personality and culture, guiding you to make the right decisions about marketing, promotions, partnerships, sponsorships and which channels to use.

our unique approach

Our unique approach creates brands with purpose and meaning.

Along with 25 years working in World leading branding agencies and as brand managers for corporate and SME brands, we also have a unique insight into Neurobranding, or how the human brain 'see's brands, so your brand can communicate the right message, to the right person.
People not only want to do business with people, they use emotion and memory to recall and select the brands they know, like and trust.

By applying Neurobranding science to your brand identity, you can instantly engage and connect with your ideal client, allowing your brand to do the selling for you.

Have a chat with us today about how we can help you create your own, stand out personal brand.

in an overwhelming world, it's vital you stand out!

Examples of Neurobranding identities we have helped create.

Wildfire Business Consulting

“Lauren is a wizard with business names, colours and images that evoke strong emotions to create a brand identity unique to you. It was a journey of discovery filled with startling insights, warmth and humour”

Dianne Krome, Business Growth Consultant 

Absolutely Admin

“I love my kick-ass name and logo! I feel like I’m really living my brand and am starting to be recognised. It really has made an enormous difference to the success of my new business.”

Valerie, Business Administrator

Franchise Simply

“This is fantastic for those who need clarity and direction in business and those just starting to reposition themselves. Terrific introduction to developing your real and effective brand.”

Brian & Prue Keen, Franchise Simply


Lauren has a unique talent to tap into your psyche to bring out the best in yourself which reflects in your own brand through colours and language. I love her creativity, expertise and positivity. Very inspiring and this is the exact launching pad required for my business!

Anita Montesino, Vurv* Natural Thyroid Specialist

Ezi Office Supplies

“Our old brand didn’t work but it had been around for years and we were scared to change it. I can’t believe how powerful our new brand is and how much more quickly people simply get it.”

Ajay, Business Owner


“At last I have packaged everything together and I’m really clear now on what I want to be known for.
My brand really does say it all.”

Evelyn Douglas, The Qalma Queen

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