How To Consistently Stand Out With The Audacious Planner

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Here Are Tips and Tools from the training to help you:

Megan Nolan

Business Consultant

“I just downloaded my Planner and I'm so excited to get into it that I'm already scheduling what I can for 2019 - This Planner is AWESOME!!!
I printed a second “December” and put it at the front so I can start right away - you can literally start this planner any day of the year!
I use a normal 'planner' for day to day tasks and this is more of a horizon view (which is where we should be looking being business owners).
The only thing I’d improve is some extra space at the bottom of each month (or even week) where ‘distracted squirrels’ like me can document how our planned activities tie into our 3R's and Brand Story. Just to keep me accountable!
Thank you so much for my planner, I am very grateful.”

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achieve extraordinary results

“The Weekly Action Planner has made my business so much more efficient. By allocating time for various projects, I have achieved so much more in one week than I could have imagined. It is the tool that you need to give you time to work on your business.”


accounting services

“Worth investing your time and money to get a clear indication on what needs to happen to move your business forwards.”



“Really useful for anyone in business who wants to promote themselves and grow an online reputation.”


astral pools

“Great ideas, even for franchisers! Especially good for business needing their own brand identity but very easy to understand guidance on becoming a respected service provider.”
“Short, sharp messages that can be implemented immediately. I got the Ah-ha for my business!”


travel councillor

"This will give you clarity and focus for your business."

jeff sommers

Business Consultant

“This is a great foundation on how to set yourself up as a stand out brand.”


life purpose coach

“So many great ideas, thank you Lauren.”


happy habits

About Us

The Audacious Agency, headed by Annette Densham and Lauren Clemett, has an exceptional team of talented storytellers and creative writers with super powers to craft award winning entries and the kind of service you’d expect from a larger agency or publicity firm, purpose built to suit businesses who have established themselves and are ready to take things to the next level.

Led by the co-founders who are World PR Award winners, International Entrepreneur Of The Year winners, multiple International Business Award Winners and best selling authors, The Audacious Agency boldly goes where others fear to tread, basking in the glory of their incredibly successful clients.

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