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Be Bold, Brave and Audacious!

Now is the time to enter, win and leverage awards to build your profile and stand out from the competition with a profile building plan that gets you the respect and recognition you deserve!

Creating and implementing your Audacious Profile Building Plan will give you the edge over your competition and attract attention by consistently surrounding your ideal audience and leaving those delectable breadcrumbs for them to follow.

This is about strategically and consistently showing up and becoming Googlicious as an award winner, leader and go-to, respected brand that people can trust, weaving your story, passion, values and purpose throughout everything we do.

Let us become your cheer squad, writing award entries, leveraging them and getting you seen and noticed!

Some of Our Clients Many award Results 

Here's what's included:

Strategy & Plan

1:1 Interview to uncover your brand story and identify the unique elements to weave into your very own Profile Building Plan along with foundational work to kick-start your profile building.

Awards Writing

Answering the questions with precise facts and specific information, but also making it engaging and compelling for any judge to connect with your story and resonate with your journey.

Support Document

Supporting every claim made in your entry, and adding more visual proof, charts and diagrams, as well as testimonials and results which might be too long for the entry word-count.

Article Writing

Sharing your story, insight, innovation, thought-leadership and expertise in key media channels with guaranteed coverage so you can use backlinks and social media posts to get even more eyeballs on your profile.

Proactive Media

Proactive media monitoring including watching for guest blogging, speaking and podcasting opportunities and looking to 'newsjack' current topics being discussed in the media that make you relevant and engaging.


Repurposing award entries and articles into blog posts and social media content. Reviewing, tweaking and shaping it to ensure it remains relevant and engaging. Creating graphics and content to share with backlinks.

Our Guarantee To You

We only work with reputable awards and cannot guarantee a win, however, should you be unsuccessful on all platforms during the period that we are implementing your Profile Building Plan, we will repurpose an entry at no cost until you achieve a result. We also regularly review your plan and can make changes to ensure everything we do is heading in the right direction for results.

It's Your Time To Shine!

build your profile over 6 Or 12 months

  • Your Audacious Profile Building strategy including selecting awards and categories best suited to you and developing story angles for media articles
  • Award-winning process delivered with exceptional writers and experienced brand and content creators writing your award entries and media articles
  • Everything done for you over 6 or 12 months to enter, win and leverage awards, adding layers of credibility
  • Guaranteed media coverage with articles placed to leverage your awards journey and build your profile with lots of backlinks, making you Googlicious
  • Leveraging content for social media and resources to surround your ideal audience and get seen and noticed as a leader in your space
  • Monitoring proactive media opportunities including guest blogging, speaking and podcasting
  • Monthly reporting and 1:1 reviews to ensure all updates and changes are captured, to snowball your progress in building a stand-out profile
  • Workbooks, checklists, guides and planners to help you and your team maximise your profile-building activity.

6 month plan

12 month plan

what happens next

  1. 1
    Once you get started, You will be sent an email with links to book your strategy session
  2. 2
    You will have a form to complete to provide us with more information and a link to a dropbox to start uploading information we need - we'll provide you with a checklist.
  3. 3
    Get ready for your strategy session, we'll send you an email with tips to prepare yourself.
  4. 4
    Your session will be recorded and notes taken so that we can create your profile building plan, selecting the right awards and building the story angles for your online articles
  5. 5
    While your profile building plan is developed we will begin implementing the foundational work required including a review of your online presence, website and social media to ensure when you become Googlicious, you can convert that into ROI for you, your brand and your business or organisation.
  6. 6
    Once you have approved your plan, we will begin writing award entries, create your support document and submit them on your behalf. We will also submit your articles to the relevant channels and continue creating entries and articles for you to leverage.
  7. 7
    We will keep you updated with award results and media links, and give you social media images and content to help you repurpose your entries and articles into blog posts/newsletters so you can leverage your profile building journey to the max.

Some of the many media channels our clients feature on


Instant Connection

I felt an instant connection to Annette. She was authentic which aligned with how I see myself. The idea of women working to support women is highly powerful to me. Furthermore, The Audacious Agency has proven results as award winners and are truly professional. Absolute timeliness (very relaxed yet highly professional) The Audacious Agency is more than a brand management and publicity agency. They are real and down to earth in their approach and have depth. I had a wonderful experience and felt like we'd known each other for years. I'm very grateful.

Dr Gail Crossley-Craven Leadership and Business Coach

Think Bigger

Creative is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Annette. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for over 3 years during which, she managed her own business whilst supporting her family and juggling many clients and projects, no mean feat! Above all, I was impressed with her ability to think about the bigger. She would be a true asset for anybody requiring support with their award submissions.

Mell Balment Relationship Architect

PR Superwoman

If you are looking for a supportive and knowledgable expert to guide you through the public relations maze for your business, look no further than Annette Densham, PR Superwoman. Annette tackles the PR for my business with such 'gusto' that it reignites my own passion each time I speak with her. Her professionalism and individual attention have enabled me to confidently delegate all media and PR aspects of my business, safe in the knowledge that my message will be communicated exactly as I want it to be.

Helen Abbott Business Strategist

Authentically You

These two women rock, not only personally but professionally. Their "can do, audaciously' attitude is really uplifting and the whole team is driven with care and purpose, to bring out the best in you. Thanks Annette for helping me find the most important messages in the creases of the questions and answers, and Lauren for helping me articulate my brand core values and package my message. The Audacious Agency are indispensable when it comes to creating a brand profile that is authentically you.

Jenny Vanderheld CEO, Soul Explorer

True Belief

Your reputation is vital and this process gives you confidence and a true belief in yourself. Hands down, 100% my best choice for awards writing. The AA team are amazing!

Jenny Pither CEO


I engaged Annette Densham to work on a campaign to promote my new book and she achieved amazing results in a very short space of time. We got national TV, print and online coverage which resulted in huge exposure for my book and personal brand. Annette is a true PR pro who is genuine in wanting to help and achieve results for you, is passionate about what she does and is always looking for ways and angles to pitch. Basically, they are bloody brilliant at what they do.

Tanya Williams A Happy Childfree Ever After

Believing In me

Annette has a personality bigger than all the oceans combined, the way in which she flows to connect with other is contagious. Annette leaves no stone unturned and gives her all to the work she does with all her clients. Annette supported me on my international awards journey to New York City where I brought home 3 International Business Woman Awards 1 x Silver and 2 x Bronze. Annette saw in me something that I could not see in myself she believed in me. I have now stepped into that woman that she saw and I now totally and wholeheartedly believe in myself.

Kelly Kingston Life Practicioner

The Blew My Mind!

Where do I start? I’ve known Anette and Lauren since 2019, we would bump into each other at different events and they were lovely. Then I got to know them better and realised I was missing out. “Missing out on what?” I hear you ask. Their talented ability to help you showcase your body of work in the perfect way to land awards. Firstly it was a Silver Stevie IBA ‘Book of the Year’ 2020 for a group authored anthology I am a part of called ‘I Fly’ and then personally it was a Bronze Stevie for 'Company of the Year: Consumer Services- Small' for my Metaphysical Mindset coaching business. This was a last minute entry too, blew my mind. I cannot recommend these ladies highly enough, both professionally & personally.

Brett D Scott Super Charged Freedom

Cannot speak highly enough.

Annette has shared the excitement and enthusiasm for my story since day one! I cannot speak highly enough of their publicity services.

Neil Fletcher Managing Director

Depth Of Experience

Annette has been my contact at The Audacious Agency and I feel really lucky to have found her. This agency's experience is both deep and broad, and I was quickly able to see evidence of the ways they can help my business. I'd never considered entering awards, for instance, but am now a national finalist in an influential award category with media exposure to show for it. Annette and Lauren are a serious team who have the confidence needed to really achieve results AND enjoy their work - that's a combination I'm really happy to recommend.

Rebecca Lloyd ECommerce For Mums

Authentic & Passionate

Because you were authentic and passionate, your support to embrace my achievements and my story allowed me to inspire and help others through gaining recognition and awareness of what I do. Coaches like me NEED to get The Audacious Agency to write their awards because they are the real deal and get results through commitment to the process. Lauren and Annette are two of the most inspiring people and not only do they do an amazing job they walk the talk and are incredible fun to work with.

Caroline Bellenger Life Coach


Annette and the team have opened up opportunities I never knew existed. So excited to have a kick-ass PR agent working with me in smashing business goals. Here’s to continued growth, collaboration, and awesomeness. Thank you.

Chrissy Leontios CLEON Legal

Highly recommended!!

Annette helped me negotiate a portentously difficult industry space and helping me to cut through and stand out. She works a lot behind the scenes and does things you wouldn't even realise she has done until you get contacted by the media for a story (happened to me!). Apart from that, she is a very empathetic and understanding person, a lovely open and friendly manner. Highly recommended!!

Mandii Forrester Jones Viva Travel Club

success stories from those who have been audacious:

“I am so moved by the experience of winning awards for the work I do with domestic violence. It really brought home to me how being invisible and unrecognized kept me small. These awards will increase my capacity to help millions of women around the World.
Every level of my being has changed from this experience."

anita bentata

activating artemis

“It's been the most amazing trip for awards and so much fun! The Audacious Agency is an awesome business partnership. We've had a lot of success with media coverage and now a gold, 2 silvers and a bronze at the International Women In Business Awards here in New York. thank you so much for everything you've done to help me."

chrissy leontis

cleon legal

“We set ourselves a gargantuan task of positively impacting millions of lives and this has given us the credibility as a catalyst to win 23 awards and leverage them to open doors to billion dollar opportunities. It's enabled us to build a portfolio of evidence to attract the right team members and give organisations confidence to choose us."

Belinda Dolan

Clariti Group

“I’m getting approached to speak at conferences, lots of publicity opportunities and my business has grown by almost 130% since engaging in the profile building process."

Sonia Gibson

Accounting Heart

“Since we won awards we have had the industry body approach us to help them work on their diversity. You definitely create opportunities by winning awards, so don't hold back”

helen yost


“It's has reduced our sales cycle, with credibility and evidence that we are making a big impact. It's confirmation that we are on the right path and inspires me to do even more.”

Stacey Ashley


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