Profile Building

Stand Out And Be Known As The Leader In Your Space

In a highly competitive world, where your ideal clients are being bombarded with information, you want to make sure they see you and recognise your brand and business so they know, like and trust you.

Building a professional profile for yourself and your business is vital if you want to stand out from the vanilla wallpaper of your industry and give your prospects a reason to choose you.

Profile building is a process and it takes time and requires a focused strategy.

You are unique and your personal brand flows into your business brand. So you want to make sure your message is clear, your marketing connects and your promotions and publicity engage the right audience.

The first step to building your profile is to know exactly what your brand stands for, getting your core message clear, identifying your ideal target avatar and generating a recognisable brand that is renowned and respected.

Once you have that you can create a brand platform, converting your experience and expertise into multiple streams of income and building your business profile.

Developing your profile as the trusted leader in your space, with credibility factors including winning awards, launching a book, getting into the media and becoming a speaker will cement your position as a leader in your space.

If you have the right brand building approach for you and your business, and a plan to implement focused marketing and promotion, your profile building strategy will help you become Googlicious, easy to find, standing out from your competition and naturally attracting the right customers.


Guardian Angels

Who said that you need to have a big business first to work with Lauren Clemett and Annette Densham?
It's a crowded world out there and you need to stand out. Listening to the noises can not bring you to the top and you can get lost in the crowds.
These guardian angels in personal branding help you to be known based on your personality and market needs from the scratch how you can show up. They will guide you to be the best in your industry with simple steps you can take.

Anita Sonya High Performance Transformation coach

Above And Beyond

I love the way these ladies will go above and beyond. Since I've been working with them I have had my articles appear in many magazine. With great feedback. You girls rock.

Zoe Buckley Learning Boosters

Love Your Work!

it's been a joy to partner with you on projects and witness what collaboration and co-creation can bring forth. Delighted to share the journey ...though ( tongue in cheek) , I confess to a little "alliance envy" when I see what you both evoke as partners! Love your work

Pat Armitstead Joyologist at Joyology

Confidence To Move Forward

I chose The Audacious Agency because I know, like and trust them. They gave me the confidence to move forward, cut through the fog and obtain clarity around my brand. Their insightful coaching always provides great value.

Edward Gifford

Clear Focused Direction

We heard about the incredible vibe and chose you because of your reputation and the success you have had. i.e. winning awards etc. We got 100% clear focused direction in terms of the way forward with our business. The why, the how and the who. What a dynamic person Lauren is, with incredible knowledge and an easy way of getting the best from people. Everything is concisely set out in steps that lead you to greater knowledge and self-empowerment. There will be difficult things you have to do to get out of the comfort bubble and you get supported to do that. I would like everyone that is starting a business to be able to work with the Audacious Agency as this will save you so much time and stop you wandering in unclear directions to success. We need to remember we don't have to do it all on our own - get help to succeed and this is an agency that will help you do that.

Cassandra Knight Co-Founder Truzealia

A Powerhouse Agency

The Audacious Agency is a force to be reckoned with - Lauren and Annette, the two very experienced powerhouses behind this movement are two of the most empowering and inspirational woman I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with. They believe in YOU the client, they contribute to recognising and celebrating your story, their services are instrumental to personal brand and business growth, and they respect and value your purpose all whilst doing so. I would highly recommend the services of the Audacious Agency and look forward to my continued association.

Laura McQuilkin

Easier And More Fun!

Lauren and Annette are the consummate professionals who deliver amazing services with support that I have not found anywhere else. They are kind hearted and when you work with these ladies you are never on your own and business just seems easier and more fun.

Tracey May Horton Author, Speaker, Coach

No BS, Just Stuff That Works

You guys rock! And give away so much wonderful advice to small Business owners. No BS, just stuff that works. Or, If it doesn't, you even have Q&A's so people can ask how to get it to work for them. You both obviously love what you do, and love sharing the rewards, and awards, too. Keep up the great work.

Brett O'Connor Course Creator at Free Diploma

Depth Of Experience

Annette has been my contact at The Audacious Agency and I feel really lucky to have found her. This agency's experience is both deep and broad, and I was quickly able to see evidence of the ways they can help my business. I'd never considered entering awards, for instance, but am now a national finalist in an influential award category with media exposure to show for it.
Annette and Lauren are a serious team who have the confidence needed to really achieve results AND enjoy their work - that's a combination I'm really happy to recommend.

Rebecca Lloyd ECommerce For Mums

The Real Deal

Working with these ladies has been a game changer for my business (and the way I operate) My business has reached finalist status in both national & international awards. They live what they do & are passionate champions for small business & connecting your story with your audience. They are the real deal...and also bring great energy & fun to work with. I’m beyond thrilled with their work & have no hesitation in making this recommendation.

Rebecca Elepano Sattwa Skincare

Gifts From The Universe

Certain people are just gifts from the universe for us and Lauren Clemett and Annette Densham are two of them. I have learned more from these two women than anyone else I’ve run across digitally in the last two years! From the very primary clarification of my message all the way up to award winning and management, they have helped me increase my business more than fivefold. They’re the best in the business!

Stef Katz The Travel Superhero

Front And Centre

Working with these ladies brought my little eco business Think Love Live front and centre with major media outlets across the gold coast and Brisbane. I was featured on ABC radio, channel 7 and 9 news thanks to their kick ass press release. I would recommend them any day!!!

Anna Crommelin Think, Love, Live

The Audacious Profile Building Program

Be Seen And Noticed!

The Proven Process To Build And Sustain Your Brand And Business,

With Lauren & Annette coaching you through every step of the way


(Option:  6 Payments Of $2500)

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Some Of the Profiles we have helped Build:

Wildfire Business Consulting

“Lauren is a wizard with business names, colours and images that evoke strong emotions to create a brand identity unique to you. It was a journey of discovery filled with startling insights, warmth and humour”

Dianne Krome, Business Growth Consultant


“I needed clarity on branding and marketing for my company and wanted to deal with two experts in the field - I discovered that it takes time to build a brand! I now understand the process of branding, marketing to your strengths and how to tell your story and don't hold back because people want to hear about it..”

Sharon Davies, Sales2Success


“I would like everyone that is starting a business to be able to work with the Audacious Agency as this will save you so much time and stop you wandering in unclear directions to success. Get help to succeed and this is an agency that will help you do that.” Cassandra Knight, Co-Founder

Stress Free Super Mums

The growth in my business, my self belief and my increased passion to do what I do everyday, is because these ladies have an innate ability of being able to show you the best of yourself."

Katrina Wurm - Coach & Mentor

Ezi Office Supplies

“Our old brand didn’t work but it had been around for years and we were scared to change it. I can’t believe how powerful our new brand is and how much more quickly people simply get it.”

Ajay, Business Owner


“At last I have packaged everything together and I’m really clear now on what I want to be known for.
My brand really does say it all.”

Evelyn Douglas, The Qalma Queen

Why work with us?

We have helped hundreds of brands over the years and won numerous awards for our work. The Neurobranding and PR Expertise used in this program, normally provided at massive expense by world leading branding agencies, is applied to your brand and business so you can stand out from the crowd and instantly engage and connect with your ideal client, giving you long-term consistency, confidence and a profile that shines online!

The best part is, our unique program works for a range of businesses:

  • Those wanting to build their profile and want to get it right the first time,
  • Those who have a brand but it's all over the place and they need to pull everything together and get clear on their message,
  • Those with an established business and they want to boost the profile, but without the headache or massive costs, or risk of getting it wrong.

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Sonia Gibson

I have been working with The Audacious Agency since mid 2020, when they prepared my winning Women in Finance Accountant of the Year award submission.  The award submission was a one-off engagement, however on winning the award in September 2020 I made the decision to work with them to leverage the award win.

During the time we have been working together, it has truly made my business Googalicious.

Accounting Heart did not feature in any organic Google searches prior to April of this year.  However after seven months of a consistent \profile building effort we are now getting phone calls from people saying that they found us in a Google search, and the hard work is paying off.  

To get to this point, the agency put together a comprehensive twelve month plan outlining four articles a month that were to be written and media outlets to which they were to be pitched.  They also devised a further list of four blog post a month that we were to write and she would review.

Further to these set pieces they are constantly on the lookout for other profile building opportunities including:

  • Regular contributions to Kochie's Business Builders, Inside Small Business and Flying Solo
  • Regular column in Sussex News
  • Articles published in Beam Magazine, eBubble, Business Business Business and Disrupt
  • Profile pieces in Authority Magazine and The Leadership Review
  • Opinion published in Acuity Magazine (professional magazine for CAANZ)
  • Quotes in Smart Company
  • Two appearances on Ticker TV
  • An ABC Sunshine Coast radio interview
  • They also wrote the award submission winning me a silver Stevie for Woman of the Year – Business Stevies in 2020.

This program helped ensure that we stayed on track and made the most of every opportunity and I simply love working with them - they consistently goes above and beyond!

Sonia Gibson, Founder, Accounting Heart


Lee-Ann Nordin

We design our own range of unique realistic high-quality plush toys. Our biggest market was Australian animals sold as souvenirs and supplying many smaller gift shops.

We lost around 70% of our original market through COVID and needed to change and upscale our marketing and PR to pivot the business to substitute emotional support animals for the elderly, lonely, depressed, anxious and for people suffering from Dementia, Autism, PTSD and other mental health issues where a real pet is not feasible.

The #1 thing I got from the program was inspiration and therefore the ability to succeed from the abundance of amazing and helpful strategies. I've now learned Ideas on how to improve my image and presence on social media platforms, to market myself organically and to increase brand recognition.

I'd advise anyone definitely do it and use as much of the amazing resources as you can

Lee-Ann Nordin
Owner, Furtastic Friends By Boccetta

Want to know exactly what you get?
download the program Guide To See What's Included