Perception Is Everything!

It is getting harder and harder to close a sale and build relationships.

People are more savvy and really want to connect with the person behind the business. If you are not growing your profile with media mentions, guest blogs, article contributions, podcasts, business awards and social media -  you are going to disappear into the ether. 

No one wants to be the best kept secret. If you want to stand out, you have to be seen EVERYWHERE!

Using profile building strategies, understanding its power, can and will elevate your business above the crowd, building a rock-solid profile so you are seen, noticed and wanted. Using the power of storytelling, we help drop tasty breadcrumbs across multiple platforms so it seems like you are everywhere.

Building a rock solid profile is so much more than just getting in the paper. It's everything you say and do...and everything others say about you. It is about getting the third-party credibility money CANNOT buy.

We use mainstream media but also include awards, podcast interviews, social media, online media, and article submissions. We know how to open the doors to share your stories far and wide across multiple platforms to build know, like and trust.

People need to build a relationship with you before they even talk to you. It takes multi touches to do that and that is the power of earned media and strategic PR. The more people see you, read about you, understand what you do, when it comes time for them to use your service or buy your product, they already feel connected and it is no brainer.

Tell, don't sell - it all starts with a story.


Practical And Principled

Annette delivered a wonderful presentation to our group of highly engaged and interested speaking professionals. With many practical examples to back up the PR principles that she conveyed, our members had some great takeaways that they can use to increase their own publicity and business success.

Phil Preston Business Purpose Guide

Hitting The Right Notes

Annette is one of the best writers and storytellers I know. She has such a beautiful, conversational tone and she always hits all the right notes. I have used her to write for me because she’s one of the only people I would trust to get it right. It's fair to say I would recommend Annette to anyone who wants an honest, hard-working, brilliant writer, publicist or ‘Award Enabler’.

Jules Brooke Founder, She's The Boss

Cannot speak highly enough.

Annette has shared the excitement and enthusiasm for my story since day one! I cannot speak highly enough of their publicity services.

Neil Fletcher Managing Director

Utterly authentic!

Annette is a dynamic, from the heart presenter with a great sense of humour and utterly authentic. If you are looking for a speaker who is engaging and knows her stuff, I would happily recommend her.

Nik Cree Developer

I would recommend this workshop

I have recently attended Annette Densham's workshop "How to be besties with Journos" Publicity Genie. It has been the best workshop and Annette is so knowledgeable with publicity via the media - in every aspect. Every fear I had of approaching any media has now been 'friended' and I can use it to my advantage to expand my business. I would recommend this workshop and also the very friendly and approachable Annette Densham to others. Had a great day with so many other great businesses.

Bernie Giggins Harmony Coaching

Annette is amazing

Annette is amazing at pulling information together and creating awesome content! She has put together the most impressive award submission! Thank you thank you!

Maria Georgiou Kiddikutter


Annette from Publicity Genie was recently kind enough to run a workshop free of charge for the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs in Caloundra. Her enormous knowledge of all things publicity, and generosity in sharing the tips and secrets of her trade, were astounding. Annette was able to walk real people through real scenarios to help the entrepreneurial women present to maximise opportunities in the press. Thanks Annette!

Alex Fullerton Author Support Services,

Taking Time To Listen

Over the years I have had many conversations with Annette who has helped me extract my story and what I am trying to convey in my marketing message. Annette is totally professional and fun to work with. She takes the time to listen and asks the right questions and I couldn't wait to see the profile building opportunities she created from our conversation.

Janine Hall CEO, Twenty 2 Luxury


I engaged Annette Densham to work on a campaign to promote my new book and she achieved amazing results in a very short space of time. We got national TV, print and online coverage which resulted in huge exposure for my book and personal brand. Annette is a true PR pro who is genuine in wanting to help and achieve results for you, is passionate about what she does and is always looking for ways and angles to pitch. Basically, they are bloody brilliant at what they do.

Tanya Williams A Happy Childfree Ever After

Annette you are amazing!

Annette you are amazing! You give sooo much value. You give an incredible amount of help to get a press release written and out to the media in no time. For me do this by myself,.... well I would still be waiting for the inspiration. You generously give from the heart because you genuinely want people to succeed. Thank you. Thank you.

Foxxy Eleoyze

Exceeded expectations that’s for certain!

Annette was amazing to me and my business. When I took them on board I didn’t know what to expect but next minute I’m contacted by 3 TV stations, local papers and the contacts are still rolling in. Exceeded expectations that’s for certain!
Great job Annette; I look forward to more scary and exciting journeys.

Beth Bonfiglio Little Fusspot

A Powerhouse Of Wisdom

What a beautiful soul this lady is. Annette, is a powerhouse of wisdom and media knowledge. Truly loved working with Annette as she pushes you to dig deeper, whilst still holding integrity on where you want to go. A wizard with words, truly an amazing lady I am so grateful to have crossed her path and be guided by her media content

Janice Muir Visionary Mentor, I Believe I Achieve

Highly recommended!!

Annette helped me negotiate a portentously difficult industry space and helping me to cut through and stand out. She works a lot behind the scenes and does things you wouldn't even realise she has done until you get contacted by the media for a story (happened to me!). Apart from that, she is a very empathetic and understanding person, a lovely open and friendly manner. Highly recommended!!

Mandii Forrester Jones Viva Travel Club

We are now crafting our brand voice!

Thank you so much! We are now crafting our brand voice and also our message and keywords. We are really grateful for the insights you shared and definitely, you will see Livelong Digital's name out there soon. I appreciate your support.

Prosper Taruvinga Livelong Digital

Highly Recommend

Annette Densham, the Publicity Genie is truly a remarkable individual. Annette's passion for hearing and promoting people's stories is inspiring. She is passionate about small business, the hardships we go through as business owners and the wins we achieve. Annette has supported my business with her magic or story-telling and promotion. I am not just an invoice, Annette cares for her clients. On top of all of this, Annette achieves the outcomes desired. I couldn't imagine anyone else advising me, teaching me and encouraging the growth of my business through PR and connecting with the media. I highly recommend working with the Publicity Genie.

Anna Wilen Clark The University Of Queensland

A Damn Good Storyteller

If you are a small business who is fearless and ready to take your PR and media message to the next level then get Annette on board. Being intellectually whippet smart in her field of PR expertise with great media networks at her ready she is also very down to earth and approachable. She is also a damn good writer and story teller to boot who creates compelling media angles and coverage for clients. Whether it be TV, radio, press she gets it all. And for a side benefit , she is a cracker stand up comedian too.

Sue Parker Communications & Marketing Strategy

Annette was a real pleasure to work with.

Annette was a real pleasure to work with. With her help, I was named a state finalist in the Telstra Business Women's Awards 2020. Her guidance was absolutely invaluable and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to win an award to boost their brand. Thanks Annette!

Courtney Rees HerLawyer

Believing In me

Annette has a personality bigger than all the oceans combined, the way in which she flows to connect with other is contagious. Annette leaves no stone unturned and gives her all to the work she does with all her clients. Annette supported me on my international awards journey to New York City where I brought home 3 International Business Woman Awards 1 x Silver and 2 x Bronze. Annette saw in me something that I could not see in myself she believed in me. I have now stepped into that woman that she saw and I now totally and wholeheartedly believe in myself.

Kelly Kingston Life Practicioner

Think Bigger

Creative is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Annette. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for over 3 years during which, she managed her own business whilst supporting her family and juggling many clients and projects, no mean feat! Above all, I was impressed with her ability to think about the bigger. She would be a true asset for anybody requiring support with their award submissions.

Mell Balment Relationship Architect

PR Superwoman

If you are looking for a supportive and knowledgable expert to guide you through the public relations maze for your business, look no further than Annette Densham, PR Superwoman. Annette tackles the PR for my business with such 'gusto' that it reignites my own passion each time I speak with her. Her professionalism and individual attention have enabled me to confidently delegate all media and PR aspects of my business, safe in the knowledge that my message will be communicated exactly as I want it to be.

Helen Abbott Business Strategist

She is the entrepreneur's secret weapon

A genie makes your wishes come true and the Publicity Genie certainly does this. Using her as my own personal PR Genie, I can personally vouch for her work ethic and magic words. She is the entrepreneur's secret weapon.

Shar Moore YMag


Annette and the team have opened up opportunities I never knew existed. So excited to have a kick-ass PR agent working with me in smashing business goals. Here’s to continued growth, collaboration, and awesomeness. Thank you.

Chrissy Leontios CLEON Legal

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Annette is a powerhouse force to be reckoned with, from day one I knew there was something very special about Annette. She is personable, giving, creative and shines above and beyond in all that she puts her heart to. I am honoured to continue our professional relationship for projects to come!

Laura McQuilkin Growth Specialist

Annette you are amazing!

Annette you are amazing! You give sooo much value. You give an incredible amount of help to get a press release written and out to the media in no time. For me do this by myself,.... well I would still be waiting for the inspiration. You generously give from the heart because you genuinely want people to succeed. Thank you. Thank you.

Foxxy Eleoyze Love Life Matters

Annette is brilliant.

Annette is brilliant. As a business consultant, it’s super important to gain authority and credibility that others recognise but I just haven’t had time to do this. Since working with the ladies from PR and getting on podcasts, massive writing spots with Flying Solo, Kochies, and so much more things have just taken off. Thanks for everything ladies.

Angela Henderson Angela Henderson Consulting

Positive, Can-Do Attitude

We quickly hired Annette at Wealthology to take care of all of our publicity requirements including blog writing and to manage our social media strategy. Her unique and positive outlook on life, her vast experience in the industry and her can-do attitude is a breath of fresh air. Annette and the team play a vital role in the education of our clients and the success of our business and we are incredibly grateful to have her expertise on our side. They are driven to achieve genuine results and create real impact for Wealthology’s clients and I have found Annette embraces challenges and isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade or have an honest conversation with me.

Leonie Fitzgerald Property Investment Expert

Thank you Annette

I was so impressed with Annette's knowledge, her flow of presentation and willingness to share her wealth of experience in her industry. I will be doing more with her in the future. Thank you Annette.

Annette Poke Local Guide

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Some Of The Media Our Clients Have Appeared In

Why work with us?

Storytelling is the foundation our strategies to create, build and explode your profile and business. Even if you think you are the most boring business in the world, we have experience across a range of industries and niches and can always find great angles.

Runs on the board - Having worked as journalists and content writers for News Ltd and Fairfax big name brands for over three decades, our team has connections and experience.

Media wins - There are no guarantees with media, but we have great relationships with contacts, know how to build connections and understand the media (we've worked in it).

The Audacious Agency does this by creating in-depth strategies that identify:

  • The stories you can tell
  • The places you can tell them
  • Media you can connect with

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So you put a few words together for an award submission and you think yeah that sounds OK but then you give it to a wordsmith like Annette Densham and MAGIC happens!

This PR guru knows how to weave words together and make it sound like someone even I want to vote for!

Annette captured the essence of who I am as a business woman, as a volunteer, as a jewellery designer with only a few conversations. She not only LISTENS to you what you say but most of all, listens to the things you don't say about yourself, because you don't want to blow your own horn, but Annette BLOWS that bloody horn for you! You are the world's best kept secret but once Annette gets a hold of you the sky is the limit!

I've been shortlisted for the WIBA awards! As the judges haven't met me, they go on my award submission alone, and I just KNOW that I would not have made it through the first 3 steps of judging if it wasn't for Annettes publicity magic!

We all need PR. ALL of us.

I know it's difficult to sift through all the PR 'experts' but here's the thing, I would rather go with a professional that not only KNOWS her craft but FEELS her craft.

Thank you Annette you are DEFINITELY my publicity genie!!!
We are going to create beautiful magic together in the upcoming months!

Kassandra Behrendt


Activating Artemis

Annette has been incredible for my business.

She helped me apply for and win a Gold and a Silver Stevie award for my work with domestic violence. She has applied for and got me a lot of media coverage with about 5-7 media articles in the past few months.

The number keeps growing, so I can’t keep track, as there are some accepted but not published yet, and more articles submitted to me for approval before they’re sent out. Travelling to NY with her to accept my awards, and her guidance in how to make the most of them is so comprehensive.

The entire process has brought me another level of confidence in being a world leading authority and this has enabled me to become more visible and create powerful connections.

But most of all, her genuine interest and time to hear and learn the depth about my professional and relevant personal background was profoundly valuable. It let me know she really wanted to ‘get what I do’ and not make assumptions. Vitally important.

This has led to her knowing intimately how to promote me and the bottom line message I want to communicate.

Plus she is just awesome to do business with because she is so warm, intelligent, real and one of a kind!

Thank you! I look forward to a long association with you!

Anita Bentata

Activating Artemis

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