Credibility Demands Recognition!

Chances are you, your business or your organisation are doing amazing things and you deserve to be recognised.

To become recognised as a leader, creating an impact and innovating in your space, is to become Googlicious. Winning awards, (or even being a nominee or finalist) then leveraging your journey with online content in respected channels, gives you the recognition you deserve.

Trouble is, finding and entering awards can be a long, tedious task, and 80% of winners do nothing with them! When you understand the awards process, what judges are looking for, and you have the creative storytelling skills to develop a captivating and compelling entry, you can leverage it to create stand out content people notice.

The Audacious Agency are here to help business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders who want to stand out from the competition, building a profile with credibility and respect, because awards and excellent media coverage give you the confidence and confirmation to be the best you can be!

Entering awards and creating compelling content can be stressful and The Audacious Agency proven process takes the worry and time out of it for you. Although we don't guarantee award wins, we have a very high success rate. We also help you leverage every aspect of your profile building journey, including being a nominee or finalist, with media articles and social media content, as well as repurposing entries and articles that get you seen and noticed everywhere.

Ready To Stand Out With Audacious Recognition?

Some of the Many awards we have worked with

What clients have to say

“I am so moved by the experience of winning awards for the work I do with domestic violence. It really brought home to me how being invisible and unrecognised kept me small. These awards will increase my capacity to help millions of women around the World.
Every level of my being has changed from this experience."

anita bentata

activating artemis

“It's been the most amazing trip for awards and so much fun! The Audacious Agency is an awesome business partnership. We've had a lot of success with media coverage and now a gold, 2 silvers and a bronze at the International Women In Business Awards here in New York. thank you so much for everything you've done to help me."

chrissy leontis

cleon legal

“The Award Winning Program is amazing! Words can't express what it means to attend the awards and win a Silver for empowering women. It's validation for what I've been doing for the past 10 years and it's exhilarating."

christine stow

grants made easy

“The Audacious Agency process helps you evaluate your business, your processes and who you are, and it’s actually good fun!”

belinda dolan

clariti group

“Since we won awards we have had the industry body approach us to help them work on their diversity. You definitely create opportunities by winning awards, so don't hold back”

helen yost


“It’s not about winning awards, and it doesn’t matter if you are a nominee or a finalist, it puts you up above someone else who didn’t even bother to enter”

trish springsteen



Authentic & Passionate

Because you were authentic and passionate, your support to embrace my achievements and my story allowed me to inspire and help others through gaining recognition and awareness of what I do. Coaches like me NEED to get The Audacious Agency to write their awards because they are the real deal and get results through commitment to the process. Lauren and Annette are two of the most inspiring people and not only do they do an amazing job they walk the talk and are incredible fun to work with.

Caroline Bellenger Life Coach

No Brainer

I have known Annette for a few years and when the opportunity came up to work with her and Lauren after we recevied a government grant it was a no brainer! Lauren and Annette are so friendly and approachable, and shine a new light and perspective on business, branding and how to share our strengths with others. It's been great dissecting our business and learning how to target our ideal consumer. Just looking at the business through a new lens has been a breath of fresh air. Do it! They're happy to chat, give plenty of advice and suggestions, push you when needed but also give plenty of space and breathing room as you work through what needs to be done. Thank you!

Joslyn Erickson CEO, Hop On Brewery Tours

Boost Trajectory

I really respect The Audacious Agency for the work already done with so many people I know. They gave me clarity and a real actionable plan. If you are considering working with them, don’t hesitate to make contact!! They are approachable, real people who have the expertise to boost any trajectory in business.

Frances Cahill CEO

Supportive & Professional

These are incredible branding and influence experts and they helped get our media article to outlets for our own exposure to grow as well as helping us get on podcasts etc. They are very welcoming and supportive and professional, they just make it easy!

Tammy Richie CEO, First Aid Yu Can 2

Hitting The Right Notes

Annette is one of the best writers and storytellers I know. She has such a beautiful, conversational tone and she always hits all the right notes. I have used her to write for me because she’s one of the only people I would trust to get it right. It's fair to say I would recommend Annette to anyone who wants an honest, hard-working, brilliant writer, publicist or ‘Award Enabler’.

Jules Brooke Founder, She's The Boss

Reputation Steps

  • Selection of award programs and categories
  • Development of unique story approach
  • Story angles and Editorial Calendar
  • Proactive media opportunities identified including podcasts, speaking and guest blogging
  • Repurposing opportunities and social media headlines and hashtags
  • Links to media channels, proactive media platforms and leveraging resources

Why work with us?

The Audacious Agency are profile building specialists having worked with hundreds of clients to help them enter, win and leverage awards, partnering with international award programs as judges, representatives and advisors.

We understand the entire awards process and what judges want to see. We know the aspects of awards that cannot be overlooked and where to take the most time and effort to get entries right.

We also know the awards process and the importance on selecting the right category, what to leave in and what to leave out, how to present the data and how to pull every aspect of your achievements together, weaving in your uniqueness, innovation and success as well as your challenges.

We know how to make your award entry captivating, concise, compelling and creative in just the right measure, then how to make the most of your journey.

There is an art to creating award entries and creating compelling content that gives you the credibility, trustworthiness and recognition to be the stand out thought leader, change-maker or entrepreneur in your industry. Our expertise and experience makes it easy for you to get seen and noticed!

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So you put a few words together for an award submission and you think yeah that sounds OK but then you give it to a wordsmith like Annette Densham and MAGIC happens!

This agency knows how to weave words together and make it sound like someone even I want to vote for!

They captured the essence of who I am as a business woman, as a volunteer, as a jewellery designer with only a few conversations. They not only LISTEN to you what you say but most of all, they listen to the things you don't say about yourself, because you don't want to blow your own horn, but Annette BLOWS that bloody horn for you! You are the world's best kept secret but once The Audacious Agency gets a hold of you the sky is the limit!

I've been shortlisted for the WIBA awards! As the judges haven't met me, they go on my award submission alone, and I just KNOW that I would not have made it through the first 3 steps of judging if it wasn't for The Audacious Agency's magic!

We all need publicity. ALL of us.

I know it's difficult to sift through all the PR 'experts' but here's the thing, I would rather go with a professional that not only KNOWS their craft but FEELS the craft.

Thank you Annette and the Audacious team you are DEFINITELY my publicity genies!!!We are going to create beautiful magic together in the upcoming months!

Kassandra Behrendt



Activating Artemis

Annette has been incredible for my business.

She helped me apply for and win a Gold and a Silver Stevie award for my work with domestic violence. She has applied for and got me a lot of media coverage with about 5-7 media articles in the past few months.

The number keeps growing, so I can’t keep track, as there are some accepted but not published yet, and more articles submitted to me for approval before they’re sent out. Travelling to NY with her to accept my awards, and her guidance in how to make the most of them is so comprehensive.

The entire process has brought me another level of confidence in being a world leading authority and this has enabled me to become more visible and create powerful connections.

But most of all, her genuine interest and time to hear and learn the depth about my professional and relevant personal background was profoundly valuable. It let me know she really wanted to ‘get what I do’ and not make assumptions. Vitally important.

This has led to her knowing intimately how to promote me and the bottom line message I want to communicate.

Plus she is just awesome to do business with because she is so warm, intelligent, real and one of a kind!

Thank you! I look forward to a long association with you!

Anita Bentata

Activating Artemis