Reputation Is Everything!

It is getting harder and harder to get seen and noticed in a noisy and overwhelming world and building your profile as the go-to leader in your space is more vital than ever.

Profile building begins with a clearly defined strategy that cements you as the leader and helps you focus your efforts in the right places.

Selecting the right awards and categories to enter and knowing exactly to leverage them starts with understanding what makes you unique. Only then can you define how you are going to become recognised with a reputation as the best in the business, someone worth listening to.

People really want to know, like and trust those they choose to work with, and they look for credibility and evidence that gives them the confidence to choose you.

This first step in The Audacious Agency proven process is about deciding exactly where you want to position yourself, your brand and your business and you need to know what you want to be known, liked and trust for.

Knowing your brand position, ideal audience and the reason for entering awards and identifying the ideal stories to share, helps us create a personalised Profile Building Plan you that includes 1:1 deep dive strategy session and culminates in an awards calendar and media plan that will make you and your business stand out from the competition.

Ready To Stand Out With An Audacious Reputation?

Some Of The Many Clients We have Worked With


Annette is brilliant.

Annette is brilliant. As a business consultant, it’s super important to gain authority and credibility that others recognise but I just haven’t had time to do this. Since working with the ladies from PR and getting on podcasts, massive writing spots with Flying Solo, Kochies, and so much more things have just taken off. Thanks for everything ladies.

Angela Henderson Angela Henderson Consulting

True Belief

Your reputation is vital and this process gives you confidence and a true belief in yourself. Hands down, 100% my best choice for awards writing. The AA team are amazing!

Jenny Pither CEO

Authentically You

These two women rock, not only personally but professionally. Their "can do, audaciously' attitude is really uplifting and the whole team is driven with care and purpose, to bring out the best in you. Thanks Annette for helping me find the most important messages in the creases of the questions and answers, and Lauren for helping me articulate my brand core values and package my message. The Audacious Agency are indispensable when it comes to creating a brand profile that is authentically you.

Jenny Vanderheld CEO, Soul Explorer

We are now crafting our brand voice!

Thank you so much! We are now crafting our brand voice and also our message and keywords. We are really grateful for the insights you shared and definitely, you will see Livelong Digital's name out there soon. I appreciate your support.

Prosper Taruvinga Livelong Digital

Reputation Steps

  • Book Your Interview & Complete Intro Form
  • 1:1 Strategy Session (allow 2 hours)
  • Profile Position, Target Audience & Hero Story Confirmation
  • Profile Building Strategy Presented
  • Review Awards Calendar, Story Ideas, Media Plan and Proactive Media Opportunities
  • Access Your Media Magnet Workbook, Award-Winning Workbook, Most Audacious Marketing Action Planner and more resources to implement the plan

Why work with us?

To be known, liked and trusted in a competitive world where your brand needs to cut through the noise, you need the right strategy or you will simply waste time and money going in all directions and failing to be consistently recognised.

The Audacious Agency blends a magical mix of experience in brand development, advertising, journalism and publicity with years of awards expertise as entrants, writers, winners and judges.

We partner with our clients to deeply understand their motives and what they want to be known for, creating the right strategy then helping them put their best foot forward, stepping into the spot-light and shining a light on what they and their business does best.

We want you, your brand and your business to be Googlicious!

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The success we have achieved in growing our brand profile all comes down to having the right strategy and the best team in place to take our message to the world.

The Audacious Agency have been pivotal as partners in this.

To now have a multi-award winning program that has been catapulted to national and even international attention, with media coverage that amplifies our brand, has opened so many doors for us.

The awards have enabled us to own vital space on social media and to stand out from our competitors as the leaders in the STEM teaching and training sector, respected for what we do best and known as the STEM educators.

The Audacious Agency not only assisted us in entering and winning awards, but also leveraging our awards journey with media coverage that adds valuable credibility to our offering. We now have a reputation in the marketplace that shines a light on what we do.

To have a team who believe in what we are achieving and assist us in building success has been astounding and we look forward to an ongoing partnership with them.

Fiona Holmstrom