We’ve combined our years of experience working in leading journalism and advertising corporates into stand out tools you can utilise to rocket launch you, your brand and your business.

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marketing action planner

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We all have best of intentions, but quickly become overwhelmed with the ‘stuff’ we have to do to stand out from the competition. The proven system within the most Audacious Marketing Action Planner is more than a diary, it is a full 52-week planning and content creation guide you can start at any time AND it keeps you on track with activities that have the most impact to boost your personal brand, making marketing easier and saving you time and money.

selling you Guidebook

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This best selling personal branding practical guide book helps you discover your True North so you can get 100% clear on your brand message and direction, create an instantly engaging Core Message (elevator pitch) that naturally attracts your ideal target audience, demonstrates how to create a cascade of influence and develop relevant and engaging marketing, social media and content that helps you stand out from the competition. Pull together all the elements of your personal brand and create a selling platform, keeping you focused and on track to become the well known, well paid, and wanted expert in your industry. 

media magnet method

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If you really want to stand out, you need to tap into your story-telling genius and the power of publicity. It is THE most powerful form of social proof - having the media tell people how awesome you and your business are is something money can't buy. With insight into the media, publicity and PR, and worksheets and templates to help you get published, this practical workbook will help you will stand out from everyone who is using the same old, boring marketing tools.

award winning workbook
Awards Workbook

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Why fit in when you deserve to stand out! This workbook gives you a checklist with processes and steps including how to write and deliver the best acceptance speech, with tips on engaging the audience, presenting on stage and to camera, then how to leverage your award in the media, on social media and in your marketing, with over 20 story ideas and planning tips, to create credibility and drive brand awareness for you and your business.

blogging workbook

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Creating your own blogs is like having your very own newspaper online. Trouble is, making it relevant and engaging so people actually want to read them, and having them take action as a result, can be tricky. This workbook outlines what a blog is, and provides templates and a process for creating and curating your blogs.

The Most Audacious Book Pack!
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Get your brand out there fast with all three practical tools - Selling you, Media Magnet and The Audacious Planner to help you develop and build your brand, your profile and your marketing without the overwhelm. These are printed copies, only available in Australia (although you can contact us to arrange shipping to other countries).

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