an audacious approach

Stand Out And Be Known As The Leader In Your Space

In a highly competitive world, where everyone is bombarded with information and overwhelmed with choice, you want to make sure you stand out from the rest!

If you are a thought leader, change maker, business owner or entrepreneur with amazing innovations and incredible solutions or services, you deserve to be well known, well paid and wanted. So building a profile is vital if you want to stand out from the vanilla wallpaper of your industry and give your prospects a reason to choose you. You need to surround your audience, with as many breadcrumbs that lead them to your door.

We call this becoming Googlicious!

Profile building is a process and it takes time, however, with a focused strategy you can quickly leverage every part of the journey, optimising awards and media opportunity and repurposing engaging content to captivate and engage your ideal audience.

The Audacious Profile Building Process is a proven strategy that has worked for hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders around the world and follows three specific action steps:

In an overwhelming world it's vital you and your brand stand out, so you want to make sure your position is clear and your message connects and engages with the right audience, giving your brand credibility and consistency.

The first step to building your profile is to know exactly what you want your brand to stand out for and developing a strategy to get you there. This gives you the right goals and focus to keep your brand consistently top of mind.

Now you know what you want to be recognised for you can take action. Entering awards and choosing the right categories to earn the recognition means your brand can stand out from the crowd.

Awards are the ideal platform to build a credible brand and get the recognition for your business, innovation, products, services or cause.

The best part is that the awards process gives you an entire business plan to implement throughout your organisation or use for funding and investment.

Now is the time to leverage your wins to generate consistent credibility as the leader in your space or industry.

Sharing your awards journey, telling your hero story and taking every opportunity to get seen and noticed in traditional, online and social media as well as being a podcast guest, guest blogger or speaker generates plenty of valuable SEO and grows your reputation as a credible leader.

Results are yours to gain by converting all the enquiries from being the leading brand into sales and conversions for your business.


The Audacious Agency can work with you to enter, win and leverage awards with strategic profile-building plans, professional award writing, submission and using your entire awards journey to elevate your brand, business or organisation, regardless of the outcome!

Get started with a one-off project, selecting the specific award to enter, or choose an awards package to make the most of your initial entry by repurposing it to maximise your impact.

Or you can go all in, to become the seen and noticed leader in your space with 6 or 12 months profile building services that include strategically surrounding your audience with those tasty breadcrumbs that lead ideal clients, customers and team members to your door.

Why work with us?

We have helped hundreds of brands over the years to win hundreds of awards and leverage them to stand out. Our proven process is applied to your brand and business so you can surround and instantly engage and connect with your ideal audience, giving you long-term consistent coverage and the confidence of a profile that shines online!

The best part is, our unique program works for anyone:

  • Those wanting to build their personal profile as a sought-after leader in their industry or valued professional service provider
  • Those who have built a business but aren't standing out even though they have amazing services or products
  • Those with an established cause or organisation who are achieving amazing outcomes but want to have more impact

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