check your inbox for the weekly rocket

3 Easy steps to never miss a launch:


Check your inbox for an email entitled "Your Weekly Rocket"to ensure it hasn't disappeared into the black hole of your spam folder.


Whitelist the email address so it always filters the Weekly Rocket into your inbox where you will see it, rather than being lost in the meteor shower of your promotions or social emails.


We also announce the Weekly Rocket launch and post more regular opportunities in the 'Rocket Launch Your Business' Facebook Group which you are welcome to join CLICK HERE

What's going to happen now?

Chances are, you’ll check your email, confirming your subscription, with a couple of immediate brand-building opportunities you can go for right away.

Then, before you know it, you’ll get your first full edition of The Weekly Rocket.

And we predict, you might open it and go “boy, there sure are some great opportunities here for me to be seen and noticed as an expert”.

…Then the phone will go, someone will stop by your office for a chat, the washing machine will breakdown, your email will ping and there will be all manner of urgent things happen that distract you from marketing and promoting you, your brand and your business.

You’ll need to get a round-to-it.

You know, something that gets you onto all these opportunities...

...but before you know it, a week has gone by and you get another Weekly Rocket, and another, and another, but you just don’t seem to get around to applying for anything…

Or if you do, you suddenly discover you need a bio, a couple of paragraphs to explain why you are the expert and they should choose you...

And you put it off again!

That's why we developed the Most Audacious Marketing Action Planner.

A simple to use marketing system to:

  • Clarify your area of expertise and why someone should choose you
  • Create your bio, hero story and brand story to resonate and stand out
  • Develop an overarching one word brand strategy for consistent content
  • Plan themes for each month to be engaging and relevant with weekly tasks

you can get yours for just $9

get 10X more done today!

The planner makes it easier and quicker to respond to brand building opportunities and be ready with relevant, engaging content as the go-to leader in your space.

Time to get organised, use a system and be prepared and ahead of the game.

“The Action Planner has made my business so much more efficient.  By allocating time for various projects, I have achieved so much more in one week than I could have imagined.  It is the tool that you need to give you time to work on your business.” 

Debbie Austin-Eames

D.A.M Accounting Services

I love, love, love the most audacious marketing action planner! I use to have scraps of paper and ideas in notebooks and now I have combined it all into one place where I can take action and get organised. Thank you so much, it's a brilliant tool to use.

Megan Nolan


Had my first Brand Planning Session this morning. So much value and great information. I LOVE the planner. I did download it but I will order a hard copy as it is going to be very well used. I know this will help me get my "you know what" together for the year. And keep me on track.

Suzi Manley

5 Foot Rope Community