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To be seen as the go-to specialist, an expert of value, with loads of credibility so you can stand out from the competition, you need to get speaking gigs, be interviewed on a podcast or in the media and share your articles and opinions as a guest blogger...

...Trouble is, finding event organiser, media, website and podcast hosts contact details by searching social media or looking at hundreds of websites is so time-consuming.

That's why we created the Weekly Rocket - making it quick and easy for you to find brand-building opportunities to be a guest speaker at live and online events, on podcasts, guest blogging, media interviews, award openings and other promotional opportunities to get your brand out there.

Each week you receive one email with a list of 6-10 opportunities, targeted to suit those who provide professional or expert services, so you can scan through, find the best ones for you and immediately respond to the call-out and it's totally FREE!

Brand building opportunities include:

  • Live And Online Speaking Gigs
  • Podcast Guest Speakers
  • Media Requests For Expert Commentary
  • Guest Blogging
  • Expert Articles And Interviews
  • Sponsorship And Gifting Appeals
  • Awards Open To Enter
  • Photoshoots And Influencer Requests

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Weekly Rocket Subscribers Love The Value!

"Get on it people. This is an amazing resource! Lauren Clemett a huge thank you to you.
I am booked for 11 speaking gigs this year that I discovered in the Weekly Rocket - 5 in UK, 4 in Australia and 2 in NZ. Super excited!"

Mary Wong, Optimal Life Solutions

“Thank you so much for sending this through to us, we will definitely be responding to 3 of them”

Belinda Dolan

Clariti Group

“I did a podcast in Minneapolis last night from a Weekly Rocket request!”

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

“Just wanted to send a huge thank you for your Weekly Rocket - as a result of the great work you do, I have a speaking gig this week and am looking forward to it!”

Cathy Young

"Just read through the weekly rocket and so many awesome opportunities.
Thank you Lauren and her team for producing this each and every week for us to be able to gain more visibility in our business."

Angelique Clarke. Oakgen Marketing

“Yeeha! This is a result of defining what I do and clearly working on the strategy as taught to us by the awesome Lauren Clemett.
I have been invited by Tim Hughes of Digital Leadership Associates in the UK to be a guest on his live show #TimTalks next Thursday”

Ross Keating

The Client Orchardist

“I wanted to let you know I’ve made a couple of good contacts from your lists of contacts and been interviewed on a US digital TV program and UK radio show”

Janeen Vosper

“A huge thank you sending out the weekly rocket. I’m stoked to have received not one but two speaking engagements this week! Yay!”

Suzi Dent

Because you deserve to be well known well paid & wanted!

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