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Work With An Award Winning Agency

Are you a talented, creative, thoughtful and strategic writer?

Here’s your chance to join our team on a freelance basis.

  • Flexible hours, work from home
  • Be totally creative and productive applying your awesome writing skills
  • Positive, tangible results you can see, celebrate and be proud of
  • A fun, friendly and supportive team with regular training and mentoring
  • The option to glam up and attend gala awards events with us!

who we are

Drawing on our clients' stories, insights, wisdom, hard work and expertise, The Audacious Agency’s mission is to create Googlicious profiles. Profiles that are so compelling and engaging, that our clients move from ‘who are you’ to ‘we want you’. There’s nothing more magnetic than compelling storytelling that connects the insights, knowledge and success of the movers and shakers we work with.

The people we work with are entrepreneurs, leaders and business people who want to make a bigger impact. They’ve built success and are now looking to make a bigger impact, leaving a legacy of insights and wisdom through thought-leadership, content and credibility.

Our super power is business awards.

We create strategic profile building plans, with the right awards and categories and all the leveraging angles and story ideas that support our clients’ goals, then implement them to build stand-out Googliciousness. 

Our creative approach to profile building and our obsession with leverage and content recycling support our clients’ strategies. What it all boils down to is storytelling (business awards, media, legacy pieces, op-eds, collaborative pieces, articles, podcasts, social posts and blogs) + patience + persistence = visibility (the more people know our clients and understand what they do, the more they want to work with them).

To do this, we need a team of award writers who understand the power of storytelling, who can look at a story and see endless possibilities for sharing, and understand the importance of strategy to build a profile. Our award writers also create content that drops tasty breadcrumbs regularly across multiple platforms, so our clients are seen, heard and in demand. These breadcrumbs shared, submitted, shouted from the rooftops slowly but surely build a connection between our clients and their audience. Repetition brings results.

who you are

You are the type of writer who can listen to someone’s story and come up with angles to pitch to the media...and know the importance of follow up.

You know the power of words…not just pumping out fluff, but persuasive and compelling content that people read and connect with.

You’ve experience writing business awards (and can prove it).

You know how to write compelling and insightful articles that get published (and can prove it)

You have worked in corporate communications, journalism, marketing or advertising, and understand the importance of strategy and powerful content.

You’re the type of person who doesn’t just do the job, but spends time getting to know the client and investing in their story.

You’ve mad tech skills and know how to use Click Up (or something similar), DropBox, and other platforms that make life easier.

You keep up with the times and have been using AI. You appreciate the tool and how it can make a writer’s life easier.

You don’t need your hand held. After being briefed, you can get on with the job, securing great results for the clients you’re working for. You are known for your initiative, and don’t wait to be told what to do.

And… you would never send work to a client without doing a spell check, making sure all the Is and Ts are dotted and crossed so the client is WOWed from the first draft.

what we want

  • A freelancing self starter who doesn’t need someone to hold your hand while you work
  • A creative thinker - not just a rule follower, but someone who thinks outside the box and is prepared to challenge the norm
  • Meticulous and focused, articulate and accurate
  • A planner, always knowing what the next job is, with awesome time management skills
  • Technically capable and confident to learn and use online platforms in a digital workspace
  • Good under pressure (we work in a deadline driven industry; deadlines fly thick and fast)
  • Open to constructive feedback and take it on without having a hissy fit
  • A team player who knows that meeting deadlines makes us all look good
  • Experienced with at least two years writing experience across a range of industries and topics including real estate, entrepreneurship, small business, products, law, HR, accounting, property, finance, tech, thought leadership and coaching.

how we work with you

We work on a project basis (not an hourly rate), with set tasks, timing and budgets, so you can work from anywhere during the hours that suit you (whilst meet the deadlines). Our set rates mean you can decide how much you take on.

We send you a purchase order, brief you on the task and, once the work is done, pay you as soon as we get your invoice, so no chasing for payment weeks after the work is done. No need to go hunting for work either!

You will have full access to our systems to ensure you are fully supported.

We have weekly Work In Progress (WIPs) meetings with the team and regular training and mentoring.

Plus you get the support of our production manager, full access to our creative director, and all our resources to ensure you get the most from working with us.

Note: Your personal details are kept private, used for this application only, and never shared